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Reading Aloud with the Community in Pharping

Feb 16, 2017   ||   by Niroj Shrestha   ||   Blog, Collaboration, Event, LitClub Nepal  || 

Rukmini Scholars proudly celebrate #WRAD17 Most of us believe that education is a basic human right for all children, and this is even supposed to be guaranteed by the Constitution of Nepal. Education up to the secondary level is free per the constitution, but despite these written laws, the reality in Nepal is different than […]

Dr. Meera Hada Provides Valuable Service While Inspiring Many

Feb 14, 2017   ||   by Niroj Shrestha   ||   Blog, Event, Program  || 

Report by: Niroj Shrestha It has been 19 years already that Dr. Meera Hada, a renowned Gynecologist, is serving the Pharping Community. One of the main ways is through a Women’s Health Camp. that she leads with the help of Patan Hospital. Dr. Hada’s community work is seen all over Nepal as she also helps […]

What I love about my LitClub

Nov 28, 2016   ||   by Bibhuti   ||   Blog, Event, LitClub Nepal  || 

After a month of major celebrations in October with #StandUpForGirls, Rukmini Foundation anniversary, Diwali (Festival of Lights) and more, we wanted to re-connect with members of LitClub Nepal to better understand what LitClubs mean to them. The goal of this program was not only to create a better connection between LitClub mentors and members, but also […]

Rukmini scholars and LitClub Nepal #StandupforGirls

Nov 21, 2016   ||   by Priti Bhattarai   ||   Blog, Collaboration, Event  || 

Report by Prakriti Nepal The room was bursting with energy and filled with laughter; you could sense the excitement with 70 girls coming together to mark Stand up for Girls in solidarity. Every year LitClub Nepal has been celebrating #StandupforGirls during International day of the Girl with the hope of honoring girl’s strength, their resilience, […]

Rukmini Foundation Celebrates 5th Anniversary and Stands Up for Girls

Oct 26, 2016   ||   by Nabin Aryal   ||   Blog, Event, LitClub Nepal, Success Stories  || 

Rukmini Foundation Celebrates 5th Anniversary and Stand Up for Girls Earlier this month we celebrated 3 programs that are very important to everyone at Rukmini Foundation. We honored the UN International Day of the Girl, we participated in #StandUp4Girls, and we also celebrated Rukmini Foundation’s 5th birthday in Nepal. Normally we celebrated these programs close […]

Historic Day for Innovation in Shikharapur

Oct 26, 2016   ||   by Niroj Shrestha   ||   Blog, Collaboration, Event, Program, Success Stories  || 

Report by Niroj Shrestha Earlier this month, we celebrated a very important day for Rukmini Foundation and its partner organizations in Nepal. Not only were we celebrating the important festival of During a Dashain, we also held a Greetings Exchange Event organized by Shikharapur Community Campus and the Community Learning Center (CLC) to inaugurate 3 […]

Role of Mindfulness and Focus in Success – a Didi’s Teaching

Sep 29, 2016   ||   by Sangya Gyawali   ||   Blog, Event, Program  || 

The Didi program has been inviting female leaders to empower scholars by showing them how women are capable, if they are provided with opportunity. On Sept. 17, Rukmini held a session for the scholars to show how empowerment changes the lives of women. The theme of this didi program was different than usual. With an […]

Education doesn’t stop at the final school bell

Sep 28, 2016   ||   by Priti Bhattarai   ||   Blog, Event, Program  || 

The concept of a comprehensive parents-teacher meeting is still very rare in Nepal, especially in government and community schools in the villages. Schools that do follow this practice tend do it in a more casual fashion, where parents drop by the school to pick up their child’s report card and discuss his/her grade and performance. […]

LitCamp 2016: Creating Magic through Stories

Aug 30, 2016   ||   by Prakriti Nepal   ||   Blog, Collaboration, Event, LitClub Nepal, News, Newsletter, Program, Success Stories  || 

LitCamp 2016: Creating Magic through Stories Report and Post By: Prakriti Nepal What happens when nearly 100 girls come together for 3 days? You may say some gossip and maybe some laughter. We were going to find out at LitCamp 2016. Earlier this month on August 18th Rukmini foundation in collaboration with our friends and partners […]

LitClub Nepal gets ready to host another successful LitCamp

Aug 15, 2016   ||   by Shruthi Shankar   ||   Blog, Event, LitClub Nepal, News, Program  || 

Post by: Shruthi Shankar Field Report by: Prakriti Nepal Following the tremendous success of last year’s LitCamp, LitClub Nepal and Rukmini Foundation is proud to host our second LitCamp from August 18th through 20th, a three day long extravaganza at Shikharapur Community School in Pharping, Nepal. Close to a hundred girls…yes a 100…are expected to participate in the program. The […]