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What the studies have shown:

Not everybody buys into statistics, but here are some statistics regarding education, gender, and development that have been proven correct over and over again:

  • An educated girl lives longer than an uneducated girl
  • An educated girl earns more for her family than an uneducated girl
  • An educated girl has fewer and healthier children
  • An educated girl is less likely to die in childbirth

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
– Nelson Mandela

“Educating girls offers the best hope of breaking the cycle of female deprivation. Increased schooling has similar
effects on the incomes of males and females, but educating girls generates much larger social benefits. Because of
what women do with the extra income they earn, because of the extra leverage it affords them within the family,
and because of the direct effects of greater knowledge and awareness, female education has an enormous social
– Lawrence H. Summers – Vice President, Development Economics, and Chief Economist of World Bank 1993

In order to promote development in impoverished nations like Nepal, we have to support the most important agents of change … the young girls.  It is this belief that drives our organization to provide educational opportunities for underprivileged girls in Nepal.  By empowering these girls, we believe that we are fostering the next generation of mothers, employees and employers, and community leaders.

Holistic Empowerment Program

What Rukmini Foundation is offering:

The Rukmini Foundation is hoping to cultivate these leaders through our holistic program of quality education, health & wellness services, and mentoring.  We believe that simply providing access to education is not enough as we have to provide a quality education.  We also want to ensure the health and wellness of the girls as they seek to empower themselves, and we also provide mentoring so that these girls believe in their own power to change their futures and the future of their communities.

Learn more about our programs:

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