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An educated girl has the power to transform her life. It gives her the foundation to make her own choices and gives her a voice to speak for herself. A quality education prepares her for future academic opportunities as well as economic opportunities.

Gyan (pronounced gya-na means knowledge in Sanskrit)

Our Gyan Program is provided through a partnership with A School for Community (ASC) as well as government schools based in the Pharping area (Setidevi, Arunodaya, and Pharping Secondary). Our partnership with ASC, a school based in the Pharping area, which is renowned for pioneering education for all regardless of social standing or economic condition, is a leading institution not only in terms of increasing access to education, but also in improving the quality of education. The school has been a model institution in improving gender and social equality in the area as well as producing some of the best scores in the region on the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination, which is a test that is administered to graduating high school students.


As part of our program, we are also improving access to technology for the girls and boys of the local schools. We are looking to build a technology lab that will provide an opportunity for these students to learn the basics of computing, but also to learn how to become the coders and designers for the future of Nepal.

Along with technology, there is a special emphasis on the Sciences and Mathematics as higher education in these fields are typically dominated by males. Rukmini is looking to ensure that we have more female doctors, scientists, engineers, and coders to help develop Nepal over the coming decades.


Girls in rural Nepal are most vulnerable to dropping out of school for various reasons, but usually tied to economic reasons.  Even with “free” public education, other costs associated with schools (uniforms, exam fees, etc.) make education a costly alternative to having daughters work in the home or in the fields. Girls are quite often considered for early marriage because the financial burden is considered to be handed off to a new family.  Ultimately, the young girl does not have much power over her life and without a good education will not have the ability or power to stand up for herself.

Home Visit to Ashmita Mangrati

Didi Visiting Manisha's Home

Community People gathers with Curiosity when Foundation Staffs visiting Saru's Home

To combat these kinds of issues, the Rukmini Foundation provides scholarships to girls whose family’s income may not be able to support her educational costs … and we provide this support through the completion of 10th grade. Graduating from high school makes these girls eligible for college or employment opportunities. We believe that simply providing access to education is not enough, and that the key ingredient to our success will be the delivery of a quality education, which has the power to transform a life.

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