At the heart of LitWorld are the clubs that give students a chance to experience and share the joy of reading.  These clubs, known as LitClubs have been formed all over the world, and now we are proud to have 6 active LitClubs.

The first club started on February 4th, 2013 with girls from grades 6 and 7 in Niharika Shishu Kunja High School. From that start, we have added LitClub Shikharapur, LitClub Setidevi, LitClub Bhaktapur, LitClub Greenland, and LitClub Durghabhawani. These clubs provide girls a unique place to share stories, collaborate, and develop themselves. These clubs have become a great complementary piece to the work that the foundation does. We are so grateful to our friends at LitWorld and Global GLOW for all of their support, which has made this a key component of our overall programming.

Location: Shikharapur Community School, Pharping
# of Members: 10
Coordinator: Susmita Sunar
Susmita Sunar lives in Pharping as the youngest daughter in her family. She is a Rukmini graduate who is currently pursuing undergraduate coursework at Shikharapur Community College. As a direct beneficiary of Rukmini’s efforts in Shikharapur, Susmita always knew she wanted to give back to her community after graduating from college. As a Rukmini Scholar, she was involved in leadership and extracurricular activities, which has led her to now serve as the LitClub Shikharapur Coordinator. Susmita’s favorite aspect of her job is the opportunity to interact with girls through reading, dancing, and storytelling. Susmita also mentors students through the Didi program, and recently led her first workshop, which provided girls with tools to strengthen their communication and public speaking skills.
Bandana Adhikary: If Bandana could choose three words to define herself, she would pick “learner, dreamer, and believer”. Bandana is a go-getter who believes in the power of hard work and hard work alone to obtain results. As a passionate Rotaractor, she loves expanding her worldview through dance, storytelling, poetry, and painting. She currently studies development finance and has mentored Niharika School’s LitClub for the past two years. Her experiences here have inspired her to help children and build platforms for young girls to practice self-expression and fearlessness. Bandana sees herself as a future social transformer through innovative entrepreneurship.
Location: Niharika School, Balaju, Kathmandu, Nepal
# of Members: 15
Coordinator: Bandana Adhikary
LitClub Location: Setidevi School – Sokhel, Sokhel
# of Members: 10
Coordinator: Devaki KC

Devaki K.C: Devaki K.C was born to a hardworking farmer family in Dakshinkali Municipality. Devaki grew up surrounded by women; she has five sisters and one brother.  From an early age, Devaki was aware of the disparate treatment between the women and men in her family; some of her sisters got married as early as 12 years old, and did not have the opportunity to pursue their education. As a result of her sisters’ circumstances, Devaki resolved to study until she obtained her Master’s Degree. Her parents did believe that Devaki could continue her studies and also help out in the household, but she wanted to prove to them that she was capable of doing both. Ultimately, the years of hard work paid off with her attainment a Master’s degree in Arts. After completing her studies, Devaki joined Seti Devi School as a teacher and LitClub mentor. Her love for the arts and creative expression has led her to encourage her students to write short stories, just as she does. Recently, she has published a short children’s book named “Binayake Ghar”.

Amrita Yadav: Although Amrita comes from the rural village of Nijgadh, she has always dreamed of making a big impact on women’s empowerment through education. This is as a result of the status of women in her home community, where their worth is undervalued and their freedoms restricted. Through her role in Rukmini, she hopes that she can advance the position of women in her community’s educational system, where they are underrepresented; therefore, after completing her undergraduate degree, she decided to begin working as a secondary school teacher and as a mentor for girls in Bhaktapur School’s LitClub chapter. She inspires her students to share their stories and promote their self-confidence. Amrita plans to use these skills in developing student confidence and communication in her own village, to encourage girls there to similarly speak on their stories, experiences, and dreams.
Location: Bhaktapur, Nepal
# of Members: 10
Coordinator: Amrita Yadav
Location: Greenland School, Dhapasi, Kathmandu District
# of Members: 10
Coordinator: Sajina Satyal
Sajina Satyal: From her days in school, Sajina always wanted to perform. Her love of life and culture led her to study singing and dancing, and these creative pursuits have encouraged her to become an entrepreneur. Sajina is currently studying development finance and mentors for LitClub Nepal in Greenland School. Sajina uses her old talents in performance to sing for the girls, and she also loves hearing about her students’ stories.
Supriya Adhikari: Supriya is a student of development finance who loves to write about current events and social issues. Her coursework in community development has trained her how to determine and address current gaps in social needs. Currently, Supriya works as a content writer at Floyd Consultancy and is a mentor at Durghabhawani School for LitClub Nepal. Supriya enjoys helping her girls develop their artistic skills, and hopes that her time in LitClub will strengthen her contribution to women’s empowerment and inform her future career as a social entrepreneur.
Location: Durghabhawani School, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu District
# of Members: 10
Coordinator: Supriya Adhikari
Through LitClub Nepal, I am now able to explore my skills. I have come to know that I have an interest in speaking and doing presentations, which was discovered through LitClub activities. I have also been able to use reading skills that I learned from the LitClub to improve my academics.

Member, LitClub Setidevi

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