On June 24, 2019, Arunodaya Secondary School in Satikehl organized it’s first Didi program with 28 student Bahini’s from grade 8 &9,  and 4 Rukmini Didi’s in attendance, along with guest mentor and Didi Kriti Shree Giri. Didi Kriti Giri is a social worker currently completing her Master’s degree on Conflict and Peace Development,  and she has contributed greatly to the welfare and progression of our society as a Program Coordinator of GNRC (Global Network For Religions of Children).

When Kriti Didi was 8, she lost her father to illness. Since then, Kriti Didi had her biggest supporter in the mother who encouraged her to get higher education and to become an independent and empowered woman. Kriti Didi also shared with us scholars that her mother had wanted her to pursue Business and Management degree after highschool. Kriti Didi shared that her mother wanted her to pursue a career that would give her financial security, however, Kriti Didi told us that she knew she wanted to work in her community, in her society. So she pursued her education in Humanities and currently she is completing her Masters degree as she works towards community development in her free time.

Kriti Didi told the scholars that each individual should pursue the subject they are passionate about, they are strong in and a “girl should be empowered by education.” Kriti Didi thanked her mother for her attitude about education and empowerment and she tirelessly works toward providing same empowerment to people around her.

Kriti Didi tells the scholars that they should never be discouraged by things that happen in life. Instead, she encourages the Rukmini Bahinis to stand together and to be champions of equality and positivity when tragedy strikes. “We must be laborious and active” encouraged Kriti Didi, strength and hard work makes good luck she told the scholars.

Rukmini Bahini Smriti Jha asked Kriti Didi “there are many social workers out there; how do you know  you are making progress?” Didi Kriti Giri answered that she tirelessly worked for different organizations and measured her success by positive changes she could bring to the lives of orphans she taught.

Upon Shreey Gotame’s encouragement, Kriti Didi also shared with us Bahini’s that Indira Gandhi was her ideal as she had managed to become not only the first woman Prime Minister in male dominant Indian society but because she also worked for welfare and progress of her society through equality and education.

To end our day, Lalita Lamichhane Didi organized a game called “communication gap” or “Chinese whisper” which was enjoyed by all. We ended our day with Bahini Sabina Biskune gave the thank you speech, thanking all the teachers, scholars and Didis for a wonderful day and activities.

It was a fun day with an inspirational Kriti Didi celebrated Arunodhaya Secondary School’s very first Didi program. We ended the day with inspired hearts and with sights into the bright future for our ourselves and our society.

About Pallavi Gyawali

Pallavi aspires to work towards social development in intercultural communities and currently works for a non-profit organization to promote healthy lifestyle in different cultural groups of her community. She has a degree in Sociology and hopes to further her education in the field of social development and social justice. She is an avid reader and takes inspiration from various world literature, which reflects in her writing and thoughts on community development.
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