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Providing education alone is not enough. These girls deserve the best possible chance for a successful future. Our alliance with A School for Community (ASC), which is a locally renowned school for their pioneering work in promoting social and gender equality along with a track record of academic success, gives these girls access to a quality education in a school they have transportation access to.  We further improve on the quality of education by providing training to the teachers of the school as well as our staff and volunteers who work with the girls.

The foundation is also actively seeking alliances with schools (middle and high schools) in the US to implement pen-pal type programs that will give these girls access to a whole new world and improve their English and communication skills.  Each program that we are considering for implementation has quality and feasibility in mind.


We have cultivated our board to include people from various area with diverse backgrounds. This lends to having a diversity of opinions and ideas. Our board and staff with their diverse set of skills and background allows us to tap into a pool of expertise across different industries and areas. Our expertise includes: developmental economics, gender equality issues, business, technology, health and education.


We realize that donors have many worthy causes to give to, thus one of our guiding principles is that we utilize donations as efficiently as possible by applying them at the grassroots level where true development begins. The foundation has a network of skilled volunteers in the US and Nepal and further improves efficiency by utilizing technologies to promote collaboration. By staying lean, we put your donations to the best use possible and are better able to serve these girls.

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