Rebuilding Education

Helped to rebuild partner school destroyed by the earthquake

Providing Access to More Books

Thanks to our partners LitWorld and Global GLOW, we were able to help build a library for the school and the community, which now provides access to books that the kids actually want to read.

Building Confidence and Strength through Sports

Through a partnership with a local sports organization, we are providing more opportunities for girls to participate in sports and games.

Turning the School to a place of Learning rather than Teaching

As part of the new school, we have helped to set up a Science Lab where students can now do more hands-on activities and learn through experimentation rather than just through books and memorization.

Our Results by the Numbers


  • 67 Scholars supported through the foundation over the last 5+ years
  • 18 Villages supported through our programming
  • 1200 Hours of mentoring and support provided by mentors in 2016 alone
  • 24 scholars have gone on to graduate form high school
  • 713 Students able to go back to school thanks to a partner school we helped to rebuild after the 2015 earthquake
  • 78 Miles traveled by mentors in 2016 alone for home visits
  • 40 Teachers have received training through our programs in the last 5 years (this # does not sound right to me — can we review this?)
  • 13 young women hold leadership positions at various levels across our programs
  • [X] # of students have received routine check-ups thanks to the Health & Wellness program
  • [X] # of community members have received check-ups and access to care thanks to the Mobile Health Program
Our Results by Impact


  • Imminent cases of child marriage prevented (share Anju Theeng and Anita Balami Stories)
  • Girls developing their voice (share video or photos of girls doing public speaking)
  • Girls able to express themselves through arts (share Sabina Rumba and others example)
  • Graduated scholars are returning to be mentors to new scholars (share Susmita and Puja stories)
  • Built a library that is part of the school and the community (do we have any #s on the books, usage, etc. from the library that might be good to share?)
  • Changing the way education is delivered (share infor on Project Based Learning / web-based learning and Robotics maybe)
  • Provided immediate relief to scholars and greater community after the devastating earthquakes of 2015

When I first became a Rukmini Scholar, I could hardly smile and talk in front of others, but now I can speak in front of groups and I cannot stop smiling.

Susmita Sunar

Former Rukmini Scholar & Current Mentor, LitClub Shikharapur

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