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Rolling for Rukmini

Mar 9, 2012   ||   by Bibhuti   ||   Event, Fundraising  || 

As our girls prepare to start school in Nepal, we wanted to ensure that we will be able to support all of their activities. With that in mind, and also as a way to energize our team and supporters in Pittsburgh, we held a small fundraising event to bring the team out and enjoy a little bowling. What resulted was a great turnout that went beyond our initial expectations. A total of 49 supporters came to our “Ruk & Roll – A Charity’Bowl Event,” which was plenty of fun for all who came, but more importantly raised some much needed funds for our girls in Nepal.

Crowd starts to build as bowling time nears

We would like to thank the friendly staff at the venue, the AMF Mt. Lebanon bowling alley, who helped us set up the event, treated us well throughout and even gave us an opportunity to use their audio equipment to make a couple of impromptu speeches and announcements:

Speaking about the goals of our foundation at the Ruk & Roll Event

Tried to get the message out about the challenges faced by girls in rural Nepal, but trying to talk over 3 simultaneous birthday parties was a bit challenging.

This event proved a wealth of great things to us:

  1. The foundation is lucky to have tremendous friends. From organizing this event, to promoting and running it — our friends made it all possible. We can’t thank them enough.
  2. We can make a difference through small efforts. A great many organizations might scoff at what we were able to raise from this event, but the fact that we were able to raise enough money to ensure that more than one girl would be able to stay in school for a year is a tremendous source of joy and optimism. We were able to prove that through these “small” efforts on our part, the girls in Nepal will have the opportunity to make big changes.
  3. Charity can be fun. Doing good is rewarding on so many levels, but when you are doing things you enjoy with friends — while also meeting new and interesting people — it is a win-win situation for all. We not only established a closer tie with our friends in Pittsburgh, we also made some new ones in the process. Seeing everybody enjoy the event made everyone connected with the foundation tremendously happy. To see how much fun we had, please check out some of the pictures on our Facebook Page Album.

We would like to extend our thanks again to AMF Bowling for hosting this event, to our friends for coming out to support us, and to our Events Coordinator, Gabriel Pacheco, for putting this great event together in short notice. We look forward to hosting similar events throughout the year to keep our team engaged in what we are trying to do while raising money to support our efforts in Nepal and raising morale for everybody involved in the process.



About Bibhuti

Bibhuti Aryal is originally from the country of Nepal, but has called Pittsburgh home for more than 26 years. He attended Pittsburgh Public Schools and is an alum of Robert Morris University and Carnegie Mellon University. He is currently a Technology & Management Consultant with SDLC Partners.In 2011, Bibhuti went back to Nepal after being away for many years for a visit, and realized firsthand the true impact education can have and how fortunate he was to have that opportunity. Witnessing extreme poverty and inequality faced by many in Nepal, especially girls and women, Bibhuti dedicated himself to find ways to reverse discriminatory practices which left girls out of school and into a cycle of poverty. Bibhuti, along with some friends and family started an organization called Rukmini Foundation, inspired by Bibhuti's great grandmother Rukmini who despite being given away as a child bride at the age of 8 and being widowed in her teenage years, was able to instill in her children and future generations the importance of education as a means of empowerment and escaping poverty. It is this belief in the transformative power of education that drives Bibhuti to be a passionate advocate for quality education for all as he leads the effort of the foundation; which is providing educational support, mentoring and health & wellness services to girls in a rural region in Nepal. Bibhuti believes that empowering disenfranchised communities everywhere through education will lead to a more equitable and prosperous world for all.

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