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Tsultrim Sangmo Lama: Going Back to School

Aug 28, 2016   ||   by Sangya Gyawali   ||   Blog, General, News, Newsletter, Program, Success Stories  || 

When people are asked to talk about their life, they usually start with “once upon a time….” Why? Because this life is like a dream bubble, a temporary thing, it is here one second and gone the next; something that happened once upon a time. But this story is different. When we asked Tsultrim Sangmo about […]

Project Based Learning Brings Out Star Personalities

Nov 30, 2015   ||   by Johanna Whitman   ||   Blog, Event, General, Program  || 

From early July to early October, a Project Based Learning (PBL) program was created for students at Shikharapur Community School to learn about and practice their skills in hosting programs (radio, tv, stage, etc). With the help of Rukmini Foundation, A School for Community, Mr. Pradeep Shrestha, and other students, Mr. Amit Lama coordinated this […]

Rukmini Scholars Deliver Great Results in National Exams

Jun 21, 2015   ||   by Priti Bhattarai   ||   Blog, General, News, Success Stories  || 

Every student in their life takes a test that they believe to be the toughest examination of their life. The mixed emotions of anxiety, hope, and fear is insurmountable – the results of this exam can make or break you. Parents usually put pressure on their kids to not only pass, but to do better […]

Rukmini’s Mobile Clinic makes its way to Earthquake Affected Areas

May 20, 2015   ||   by Priti Bhattarai   ||   Awareness, Blog, General  || 

Rukmini Foundation, in partnership with Manmohan Hospital, has been running a four day Mobile Medical Clinic Outreach Program – where the team will visit areas affected by the devastating earthquake to provide medical relief as well as to check up on the community members. The team consists of one medical doctor and two nurse/medical assistant […]

Meet a Survivor – Anjana Poudel

May 17, 2015   ||   by Priti Bhattarai   ||   Awareness, Blog, General  || 

Anjana was inside her home when violent tremors shook the ground beneath her. Her house, made of mud and stone, began to crumble right in front of her eyes, blocking her only exit. Anjana made a spit second decision in that moment and jumped out of the window. If she had not taken this step, she […]

Resilience of Nepali People tested as another Major Earthquake hits Nepal

May 14, 2015   ||   by Priti Bhattarai   ||   Awareness, Blog, General  || 

Rescue work has resumed once again in Nepal as the country suffered yet another major earthquake. On Tuesday May 12, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Kodari, 47 miles east of Katmandu, and outside the Everest region of Namche Bazaar. Then 30 minutes later, a second tremor of 6.3 magnitude hit the town of Ramechhap.  Since […]

Anju Theeng – A True Survivor

May 11, 2015   ||   by Priti Bhattarai   ||   Awareness, Blog, General, News  || 

Anju is usually seen reading on her veranda or playing outside her home when our Didis (Rukmini Foundation’s mentors) go meet her during their monthly home visits. She always welcomed her mentors with a happy smile and great enthusiasm. This, unfortunately, was not the case this time as Anju and her family were perched outside […]

Rebuilding Stronger Homes for a Stronger Community …

May 7, 2015   ||   by Priti Bhattarai   ||   Awareness, Blog, General  || 

Following the disastrous 7.8M earthquake in Nepal, the United Nations have released a report stating around 600,000 homes have been damaged, with over 140,000 completely destroyed. Families are terrified to go back in their homes, as they fear the ongoing aftershocks may crumble what is left standing. The Nepal Engineers Association has got over 1,000 […]

#NepalEarthquake Update

Apr 28, 2015   ||   by Sofia Trivelli   ||   Blog, General  || 

First of all, we would like to thank you all for your overwhelming support during these past few days. We wanted to update you as soon as possible regarding our scholars and team in Nepal, but we had not gotten a clear confirmation until just recently. All of our scholars, staff, teachers, and lit club members seem […]

2014 – What a wonderful year thanks to you …our supporters

Dec 28, 2014   ||   by Bibhuti   ||   Blog, General, News, Program  || 

In 2014 we marked our 3rd year anniversary of the founding of Rukmini Foundation. We first opened doors in 2011, improving the lives of underprivileged girls by empowering them through a holistic program of quality education, supportive mentoring and a physical well-being program. Being born a girl shouldn’t mean living with less freedom and rights […]