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LitClub Nepal Meets LitClub Kibera in Kenya

Jan 16, 2017   ||   by Prakriti Nepal   ||   Blog, LitClub Nepal, News  || 

When I first met Prisca in Global Her Story Summit in New York, we instantly connected and became friends. Being one of the LitClub coordinators in Kenya, Prisca and I had a lot in common as we shared our vision, excitement and the challenges of being part of LitClub. Never had I thought in my […]

Celebrating 5 Years of the Rukmini Journey & 5 Key Lessons Learned

Oct 29, 2016   ||   by Priti Bhattarai   ||   Blog, News, Organization, Program  || 

It was 5 years ago that two brothers, Bibhuti and Nabin Aryal, embarked upon what seemed like — at the time — a simple idea. Knowing that a family’s economic condition was one of the key reasons why many girls in rural areas of Nepal were missing out on education, they wanted to help a few […]

LitCamp 2016: Creating Magic through Stories

Aug 30, 2016   ||   by Prakriti Nepal   ||   Blog, Collaboration, Event, LitClub Nepal, News, Newsletter, Program, Success Stories  || 

LitCamp 2016: Creating Magic through Stories Report and Post By: Prakriti Nepal What happens when nearly 100 girls come together for 3 days? You may say some gossip and maybe some laughter. We were going to find out at LitCamp 2016. Earlier this month on August 18th Rukmini foundation in collaboration with our friends and partners […]

Tsultrim Sangmo Lama: Going Back to School

Aug 28, 2016   ||   by Sangya Gyawali   ||   Blog, General, News, Newsletter, Program, Success Stories  || 

When people are asked to talk about their life, they usually start with “once upon a time….” Why? Because this life is like a dream bubble, a temporary thing, it is here one second and gone the next; something that happened once upon a time. But this story is different. When we asked Tsultrim Sangmo about […]

LitClub Nepal gets ready to host another successful LitCamp

Aug 15, 2016   ||   by Shruthi Shankar   ||   Blog, Event, LitClub Nepal, News, Program  || 

Post by: Shruthi Shankar Field Report by: Prakriti Nepal Following the tremendous success of last year’s LitCamp, LitClub Nepal and Rukmini Foundation is proud to host our second LitCamp from August 18th through 20th, a three day long extravaganza at Shikharapur Community School in Pharping, Nepal. Close to a hundred girls…yes a 100…are expected to participate in the program. The […]

The Butterfly Effect – Didi Program Update

Aug 15, 2016   ||   by Bhakti Patel   ||   Blog, News, Newsletter, Program  || 

Every month the Rukmini Foundation scholars eagerly wait for the Didi Program. The Didi Program is used as a mean to increase the skills and confidence of scholars by giving them the chance to connect with successful female role models. The June Didi Program consisted of various activities that would further strengthen the scholars’ confidence […]

State of Confusion: Education Reform in Nepal – Part 1

Aug 9, 2016   ||   by Priti Bhattarai   ||   Awareness, Blog, News, Program  || 

State of Confusion: Education Reform in Nepal The month of June brought about what could be great changes to the educational system in Nepal, as the country ended the 10 year schooling system that had been in practice for the last 80 years. The government had hoped to bring about positive changes to the nation’s […]

We are proud to announce 6 more Rukmini Graduates

Jun 25, 2016   ||   by Priti Bhattarai   ||   Blog, News, Success Stories  || 

Every year 10th grade students and their families wait nervously as the results of the national examinations, known as the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) are published. It was that time of the year again earlier in June. With no specific date given for when the results for the exams would be released, the students were […]

Growing our LitClub Nepal Family

Jun 21, 2016   ||   by Prakriti Nepal   ||   Collaboration, LitClub Nepal, News, Program  || 

LitClub Nepal with the support of Rukmini Foundation has been creating a platform to not only bring girls together in LitClubs, but also to improve the LitClub sessions by working closely with partnership schools. For these LitClub sessions to run smoothly each partner school plays an important role. This year we are proud to announce […]

A year after the quakes the challenge continues but scholars keep inspiring us on

Apr 29, 2016   ||   by Priti Bhattarai   ||   Blog, News  || 

April 25th 2016 marked the one-year anniversary of the disaster that devastated our tiny Himalayan nation. On that day, a violent 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal—followed weeks later by a 7.3-magnitude aftershock—and we lost almost countless lives, thousands of people were left injured, and more than 800,000 homes were damaged or completely destroyed. It was a […]