Visiting Samjhana:
Report by Rasmita KC and Pramila Gajmer. Composed by Nabin Aryal

We had to ask for help to reach Samjhana’s house as we had trouble finding her home. Samjhana seemed pleasantly surprised to see us at her doorstep. It was Saturday and only Samjhana and her mother were present at the house. “Samjhana’s father and brothers have gone to work, so only me and my daughter are at home”, said her mother.  “Usually, even during the Saturdays, only me and my mother are at home as my brothers and father are usually out for work”, said Samjhana.  Samjhana also told us about her mother is her best friend as she is the only one who is available to listens to her problems.

“Like other girls, I am particularly busy on Saturday”, said Samjhana. According to her, she needs to help her mother in cleaning, cooking, and washing clothes besides doing her regular school related work. “I am not the person who wants to go out a lot, so I do not mind doing household chores on Saturdays and other holidays”, explained Samjhana.  Samjhna further sates, “I help my mother as much as I can during the off days and whatever time is left, I utilize that to my school work”.  Samjhana also spoke about how she is a little weaker in Mathematics, and how she tries to allocate more time on that subject.

We asked her to tell us a little bit more about herself. She did not give an answer to this question right away, but after some thought, she said that she likes to dance. We asked her what kind of music she enjoys when dancing. “Like any other Nepalese girls, I like to dance on popular Hindi and Nepali tunes, especially the playback songs of the movies”, was her answer.

Rukmini Scholars Take Part in Celebration Event

Samjhana was one of the Rukmini Scholars who danced as part of the Women’s School Anniversary event recently.

We also asked her about  any problems she is facing right now. She told us that there is not any particular problems she has right now. But, after few miutes she told us, “ I think I may have chronic migraine headache and because of this, I have to sometimes skip classes.” We were concerned about this and we told Samjhana that she should get checked up through our wellness programs. Like other scholars, Samjhana was thankful that Rukmini Foundation is there for her not only for the scholarship, but also for her personal well-being.

We Didis feel that through the home visits, not only we were able to know more about the scholars, but also able to gain mutual trust. We believe that these visits and interactions are  vital for the success of our programs. We were happy to get to know Samjhana better through this visit.




Rashmita and Pramila
Didis – Rukmini Foundation

About Nabin Aryal

Dr. Nabin Aryal led the foundation’s work in Nepal from the inception till April 2015. He is now serving as a special adviser from his new home in Myanmar where he works with the US and Nepal Teams to provide strategic guidance for the foundation. He received a PhD in Economics from Hitotsubashi University and has been managing NGO programs in underdeveloped areas in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka and has extensive experience in grassroots development efforts.
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