Foundation Celebrates First Birthday in Pittsburgh and Nepal

To mark the first anniversary of the foundation, we held an event in Pittsburgh and in Nepal.  The Pittsburgh event was held in conjunction with Entrepreneurial Thursdays.  During this event, we talked about the challenges overcome this past year and what we planned to do for the coming years.  The event in Nepal was also a celebration of our birthday, but it was also a day to celebrate the International Day of the Girl.

Read about our event in Nepal | A look back at Year 1

School gets a new library and new ways to read.

In order to solve the problem of our students not having access to enough interesting things to read while also giving the students new and innovative ways to learn, we provided the school and its students with 3 eBook readers (2 Amazon Kindles and 1 Barnes & Noble Nook).  These were handed to the students by our honorary Chairwoman Laxmi Aryal who also showed the students and school staff how to operate the devices.

Foundation Talent Pool Grows as we add new members to Board of Directors

In an effort to add talented people that bring skills and values tohelp achieve our mission, the foundation is proud to welcome AllycePinchback and Nikolas Ristev as the newest members of the Board of Directors. Allyce brings her passion for philanthropy as well as herconnection with the Pittsbrugh Board of Education to bring innovativeprograms, which will
better connect our community in Nepal with thePittsburgh community. Nikolas brings his expertise in Law and Finance to ensure the financial viability of the foundation as well as to provide the necessary controls to ensure transparency and efficiency. We are honored to have them as a part of our diverse and talented team.

Learn more about about team.

Going back to School

In an effort to spread the word about the foundation as well as to get the insight from the next generation of business leaders, the  foundation went back to school to University of Pittsburgh to talk about Marketing for Nonprofits. The session provided the students a look at what the foundation is trying to do and how we are going about  achieving our goals. The feedback from the students was inventive, diverse and thoroughly doable. We seek to implement some of these ideas.

Read a great guest post by Pitt student Debbie Chen.

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