Sarathi Recites Poem for A Very Appreciative Audience

Imagine having a hearing difficulty that makes communicating and learning a huge challenge. Sarathi, one of the Rukmini scholars, has dealt with this her whole life.  She has had to endure teasing on top of the learning difficulties. However, through mentoring and encouragement, she has now begun to develop a strong voice of her own. She demonstrated this recently as she recited some poems in front of a packed house at A School for Community (ASC). The audience was moved by the poems, but more so by her demonstration of courage.


Mentor gets inspired by the students she was trying to inspire

Rakshya Pokharel had just recently returned to Nepal after finishing her undergraduate studies in the US.  Upon her return, she wanted to visit the Rukmini Scholars that she had been following through the website.  Along with a few other Didis (older sisters / mentors), a visit was scheduled.  Read about her visit with the students and learn how as she was trying to inspire the students, she was herself inspired by them.


Postcards from the edge of the world

With the holidays coming up, what better gift to give somebody than giving the gift of education in their honor. With that thought, we are starting a give a gift of education program this December. You will be able to make a donation on behalf of the person you would like to send a gift to, and by providing us their email or home address, we will send them a customized postcard featuring some images of the students as well as some gorgeous shots of Nepal taken by our talented photographer and designer Ang Sherpa. We think they will really appreciate this gift.


A Woman’s Place is in the House … of Government That Is

Eri Taniguchi writes about how political participation by women in Mongolia and Nepal is growing.  In spite of differing political affiliations, these women are working together to improve the situation of girls and women.


Foundation Profiled in Pittsburgh Post Gazette

A leading newspaper in Pittsburgh profiles the foundation to highlight its mission of empowering underprivileged girls.  We are proud to have a prestigious paper write about us and our work. Many thanks to Lexi Belculfine of Post Gazette for publishing this article.Sign up for our monthly newsletter here.

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