The Art of Empowerment

As we start another year of operations at Rukmini Foundation, we wanted to start the year off with a big event.  We wanted to do something we haven’t done yet, and we wanted to get creative.  The idea for an Art Sale had been kicked around, but without ever having hosted such an event, questions like: where could we do this, who would be willing to showcase their work, and how to make it beneficial to all parties.  In order to answer these questions, we had to define our objective for the event.  Of course we would like to raise funds to support the girls of Rukmini Foundation, but we also wanted to increase our presence locally in Pittsburgh, as well as giving local artists a chance to show off their stuff.

Pictures from the Event – Flickr

Schooling the Schools: Empowering Government Schools in Nepal to Empower Students

One of the most important goals of our foundation is to provide quality education to the underprivileged girls of this region. In addition, we are also trying to improve overall educational environment of the community where we are working. To achieve these objectives, we are constantly trying to find out the ways to better implement our programs at the grass root level. During the last fifteen months, we have held dozens of meetings with influential community members: government officials, school principals, teachers, health workers, social workers, and especially leaders from underrepresented communities.Read our Program Manager, Nabin’s post about how we are proceeding with the education improvement initiative.

Partnering with our friends at LitWorld

LitWorld and Rukmini Foundation have partnered before for a campaign called StandUp4Girls, and we are proud to be partnering again for a campaign around literacy calledWorld Read Aloud Day taking place worldwide on March 6, 2013. We have been actively working with LitWorld to establish a literacy club called LitClub in Nepal, and we will also rally our scholars in Nepal to take an active part in the WRAD campaign.

Teaming Up to Promote Empowerment of Girls through Education

Speaking of partnering, Rukmini Foundation has friends in a young organization in the Pittsburgh area.  Rukmini Foundation (RF) President Bibhuti Aryal co-founded Pittmandu Football Club (PFC) with his brother and a group of fellow Pittsburgh Nepalis in 2006.  The mission of the club was exemplified in the name, a combination of the sporting excellence and ethnic diversity of the city they adopted, PITTsburgh, and the rugged determination and culture of the capital city of the country they emigrated from, KathMANDU.  Many of the Pittmandu-ers are active volunteers of Rukmini Foundation and donate their time and money to further the foundation’s mission. Read this excellent guest post by Pittmandu Manager Bryan Briggs about how a football team is actively involved in the empowerment of girls in Nepal.

Rukmini Foundation granted 501(c)(3) status by IRS

It has been many months in the making, but the Rukmini Foundation is now recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a tax-exempt organization.  What this means for our supporters is that your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.  This status will open new doors for the foundation and allow us the opportunity to help more girls while ensuring that our generous donors get a much deserved tax relief.

Many thanks to our board and staff for their work in making this happen, and a special thanks to Jeffrey David of Side Project for his help in bringing this to a happy conclusion for us.

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