World Read Aloud Day – Rukmini Foundation Participates in Educating Preschoolers in the U.S. About the Importance of Making New Friends and Learning About Diverse Backgrounds

Two volunteers from Rukmini Foundation spent the morning of March 4th reading a story and teaching 3-5 year olds about Nepal and the importance of helping others.


New day, new friends .. look at those faces :-).

At Southminister Early Education Center in Mount Lebanon, Cheryl Paxton-Hughes and Laxmi Aryal read the book “New Day, New Friends” recommended by LitWorld, which teaches children about the importance of accepting others differences and helping people of all backgrounds.

The children were fascinated with Laxmi Aryal’s accent and wanted to know where she came from and all about Nepal. Laxmi answered all of their questions about the country of Nepal. The children asked questions for a good 20-minutes after the book was read. Cheryl and Laxmi also explained why they were celebrating reading and the importance of literacy.

The children sang their ABC’s aloud and learned how to say thank you in Nepalese. Each child received a printed out copy of the story to take home with them and share with their families.

Thank you note 1

We were touched to see a lovely thank you note from the Director of the preschool

The Director of the preschool sent a thank you note to Rukmini Foundation for the time they spent with the children and stated that the older children (ages 4-5) decided upon their own to do more research the rest of the day on the country of Nepal.

Cheryl Paxton-Hughes
Board Member, Rukmini Foundation

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