Report by: Rojin Shreshta

It is now almost winter season in Nepal. The continuous changes in weather, with the heavy rain associated with the monsoon just gone, are causing health problems for many people. The problem has exacerbated with the outcome of the earthquake. Hundreds of families are living under temporary sheds because their houses have collapsed and this has caused many issues with regard to health and social security.

12 temporary shed of Ram Prasad

Temporary shed of Mr. Ram Prasad. The thin sheets around the shelter is not enough to keep the rain and the cold out.

The Nepali government has not yet passed the Building Code/Guidelines that will help to develop infrastructure and the relief support by the government has not been consistent. In Pharping, for example, the earthquake survivors got 15,000 in cash support from the government for the temporary shelter but they need much more than that to be able to construct new homes and rebuild their lives.

14 sabina and grandma of Saraswoti infront of their temp shed

Rukmini Head Mentor and recent university graduate, Sabina, with her grandmother, Sarawoti, in front of their temporary shed.


The homes of our scholars, Anjana, Nirupa, and Anju, are destroyed completely and they are living under the temporary shelters Rukmini Foundation supported. These tents, though providing a place to stay, is not meant for long-term living. It is causing many health issues. “This has created many problems, my children have headache. This temporary shed is very hot in day time while too cold in night.” said Ranjana Poudel, mother of Anjana Poudel.

9 shed of nirupa poudel

Shed of Rukmini Scholar, Nirupa Poudel. “Children have been very much vulnerable to diseases due to monsoon season, this house is not good one, we are thinking for a 4 roomed house. We need support from a organization to construct a house.”, said Kamala Poudel, mother of Nirupa.

Like Anjana, Nirupa, and Anju, many other scholars are living in temporary houses. Similarly, many relatives and neighbors of our scholars are also facing the same problem. Rukmini Foundation has provided relief support, health and counseling services, temporary shelter support, and is also figuring out a way to somehow contribute towards permanent housing. However, this is not enough and we need to do more. 

4 father of anju theeng_standing in front of temp shed_simpani

Anju Theeng’s  father standing in front of his temporary shed.

The need for the Nepali people now is a permanent house. They don’t have enough money to build a house and the government hasn’t yet finished its plans to support. With winter approaching and the cold weather taking its toll – the family need our support more than ever. Rukmini staff has been speaking to the families and have noted the things needed for winters such as warm clothes, heater, extra blankets and mattresses, which we are hoping to provide immediately.

Almost six months have passed since the disastrous earthquake. These families have faced immense ordeals and continue to do so as they live in a small temporary shed that cannot be mistaken for a home. The rest of the world has slowly begun to forget this tragedy, but the people of Nepal are still suffering. Therefore, it is vital we continue to raise awareness and support families who are looking to organizations like us to help.

If you would like to support our efforts, you can still give to our Earthquake Relief Fund. Thank you!

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