LitClub Nepal provides a platform for our girls to not only read and write but also spread love and awareness through creative activities. The club is rooted in the 7 Strengths model of LitWorld: Belonging, Friendship, Confidence, Curiosity, Courage, Kindness and Hope. Each month, the club focuses on different strength, which includes topics that can range from cultural festivities to lessons on building inner confidence. This month – the Strength in focus was Friendship and the topic was how to value and cherish the spirit of friendship. All of the LitClubs in Nepal did an activity based on this special relationship.  

Bandana giving description on playing game related to belongingness to develop friendship

Bandana (Center), our mentor from LitClub Niharika  explaining the session’s activities to the enthusiastic members.

To understand the meaning of friendship, our LitClub in Niharika asked all the members to write a poem on friendship. During this session, the girls shared their thoughts and feeling about what being a friend means to them.  Simran, our member from Niharika, wrote in her poetic words that her world is dark when she has no friends. “Having a friend brightens up my day,” Simran said, “I am grateful to have so many friends I can count on.”  

Girls describing their friends with adjectives

Grils participate in the activity of describing their friends using various adjectives such as kind and loving.

Similarly Deepika from LitClub Shikahrapur said that for her friendship is the symbol of love, where one friend will selflessly help the other, no matter what.  She expressed her emotions by making a beautiful card in which she had drawn various symbols that represented the meaning of friendship. The girls had a wonderful session, where they got to spend time together and share their thoughts, while also becoming more aware of how they could be better friends to one another.

Book on Friendship created by Bhaktapur

A peek into the ‘Friendship Book’ made by LitClub Bhaktapur

Our mentors Bandana (Niharkia LitClub), Manisha (Shikharapur), and Ekta (Bhaktapur) asked the girls to do a project together with their fellow members to showcase the spirit of friendship to the world. As the great William Butler had once said “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met”, the girls from each LitClubs came up with their very own special idea. LitClub Niharika chose to make a creative short video to share moments of ‘Maya’ (Nepali word for love) with all the fellow LitClubs in the world. LitClub Bhaktapur came up with the fantastic idea of creating a book on Friendship that featured a collection of famous quotes, symbols, pictures, and stories. LitClub Shikharapur and Setidevi started a PenPal project because they wanted to strengthen their friendship with the other LitClub members from around the world

Girls sharing their thoughts on friendship through drawings and quotes

A beautiful drawing and a depiction of what being a friend means.

It was another amazing session for the LitClubs in Nepal, where our girls got to strengthen their friendship with one another by participating in activities that not only solidified their bonds but also brought out the inner artists in them.

About Prakriti Nepal

As a student of Conflict, Peace and Development Studies, Prakriti has a keen interest in grassroots development that can lead to a lasting peace and sustained development for Nepal. Along with her passion for promoting gender equality and education for all, she brings a wealth of experience in working with various youth groups on different projects and programs. With Rukmini Foundation, she is serving as a Lead for the mentoring program (Didi) as well as being the liaison between the foundation and partners in Nepal. Through her leadership and efforts, she is not only inspiring Rukmini scholars but also the other young ladies who serve as mentors for the organization.
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