After meeting Sushil, a visually impaired tech entrepreneur, in a small tea shop in Kathmandu 10 years ago, I met him again in Seattle for Perennial Fellowship this September. This encounter was a pleasant surprise for both of us. Perennial Fellowship is a leadership development program for emerging leaders of NGOS of developing countries. During our fellowship in Seattle, Sushil and I shared many things about our work in Nepal.

Bright Star Society, which Sushil co-founded with his visually impaired elder brother, takes holistic approach to tackle the issues of disability in Nepal. Rukmini Foundation has partnered with the Bright Star Society to provide essential goods to the people of disability after the devastating quake of Nepal in 2015. This October Rukmini Foundation partnered with the organization for distributing white cane son “World White Cane Safety Day” observed on October 15th.

Our organizations may have different missions, but our vision is same: to empower disadvantaged people of Nepal. I think this kind of collaboration between grass root Community Based Organizations is essential to truly empower the people in need.

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