Personal Background

Sanjita Balami’s journey began in the small, close-knit town of Hundu, where she grew up in a supportive family environment. Her father was a dedicated teacher, and her mother managed the household, instilling in Sanjita the values of education and family. Sanjita attended the local government school in Hundu, where she currently serves as a mentor, giving back to the community that shaped her. 

Sanjita observed many of her friends dropping out of school to marry young due to widespread beliefs in her village – “a girl should always marry young” This experience fueled her innate desire to promote education and personal development, particularly  for young women. It was a defining moment that inspired Sanjita to become an advocate for education and empowerment in her hometown.

Education, Career and Passion 

Sanjita is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Studies (BBS) with a focus on various facets of business management. Her academic journey is complemented by practical experiences through internships and part-time jobs, all shaping her into a well-rounded professional. Sanjita is actively working to build a strong foundation for her future career leveraging her current studies as well as all professional experiences. In addition to being a student and mentor Sanjita has a passion for photography and videography. She creates diverse content that highlights societal issues, particularly those affecting her village. Her work, personally and professionally, aims to raise awareness and foster meaningful conversations on social justice. Sanjita continues to dedicate her time in supporting her team members, students, friends and family by actively listening and helping when needed.

Sanjita’s Inspirations

Family and friends have played a pivotal role in Sanjita’s life, offering love, support and guidance. Mentors and colleagues, particularly those from the GLOW Club, have provided her with motivation and encouragement, shaping her journey and helping her overcome many challenges. Sanjita draws inspiration from her mentor Apsara, a GLOW Club coordinator, who has been an immense guiding force in her life. Additionally the support from Rukmini Foundation staff members, who have recognized her efforts and awarded her with “Mentor of the Month” and “Hero Mentor”, has also been instrumental in her growth and motivation.

Major Accomplishments

As a mentor, Sanjita takes pride in the positive impact she has on her students. Some of her notable achievements include helping students like Nirjala, who has improved her English skills significantly, and Deepika, who has gained confidence and now participates in various extracurricular activities. Sanjita also cherishes the success stories of Monima and Jenisha, who have both excelled academically. The effort and dedication from Sanjita go beyond measurable accomplishments and is a pride for Rukmini Foundation itself.

Resilience through Values and Beliefs 

Balancing multiple responsibilities as a mentor and student has presented challenges for Sanjita. However, with the support of her colleagues and her own determination, she has learned to adapt to different learning styles and find creative ways to engage her mentees. These experiences have taught her valuable lessons in resilience and effective mentorship. Sanjita’s core values revolve around helping and supporting others. She believes in the power of sharing knowledge, lessons learned and resilience to inspire people to thrive and be the best version of themselves. Her guiding philosophy emphasizes optimism, hope and continuous learning.

Memorable Experiences

Sanjita recalls joining the Insight Committee and mentoring at the GLOW Club two years ago a transformative experience. Despite initial nervousness due to language barriers, she learned the value of hard work and continuous grit. These roles allowed her to simplify complex concepts and advance her skills further, ensuring growth every step of the way.

Legacy and Future Aspirations

Sanjita aspires to be remembered as a mentor who has created a positive impact on people’s lives. She hopes to excel academically, continue making a difference in her community, and inspiring others through accomplishments. Professionally, she aims to be a successful mentor, using her knowledge and experiences to guide others towards their goals.

Sanjita Balami’s story is a testament to the power of education, mentorship, community support and systemic change. Through her dedication and passion, she continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around her.

About Dipa Kuikel-Pudasaini

I live in Gopaleswor, a place just a bit outside Pharping. I live with my husband's joint family of 8 including our little baby boy. I earned my Masters’ degree from Tri Chandra College in Kathmandu and I have worked as a Primary school teacher at Shikharapur School and also as a +2 Level teacher at Shikharapur Open school. I really love teaching, and in the little free time I have I love reading books (especially novels) and listening to music. At the foundation I am excited to take on the challenge of leading our GLOW Club Nepal program as a Partnership Coordinator. This fantastic program, which is supported by our amazing partners Global GLOW is an important part of our overall program and we have clubs in many different schools and communities, and I am excited to do everything I can to continue it success.
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