Report on School Visit for the month of August 2014

Periodic visits to different Partner Schools is a regular activity of Rukmini Foundation. These visits are intended to gather information regarding the academic performance of the Scholars, understand their challenges, and to hear about their successes. This month the foundation staff visited Setidevi Secondary-Talku, Pharping Higher Secondary, Setidevi Secondary-Sokhel and Arunodaya Higher Secondary schools. Aside from these visits, the mentors (Didis) and staff are in frequent contact with the scholars of Shikharapur Community School, since the foundation office and Shikharapur Community School are in the same premises.


Didis Rasmita and Pramila meet with scholars at Arunodaya School

During this visit, the foundation staff had a short meeting with school staff and the Principals of each respective school. During these meetings, the foundation staff shared the latest program details of Rukmini Foundation and inquired about the academic details of each Rukmini scholar in their schools. The response from the teachers and Principals were very positive and they each noted that they noticed significant changes among the scholars after becoming a Rukmini scholar.


Speaking with girls at Setidevi-Sokhel School

For example, we learned that Smriti Balami studying in Grade 8 at Setidevi Seconday School-Talku has progressed considerably with her academics. Similarly, Susmita Tamang of the same school has been able to open up more with her classmates and the teachers.

Anju Theeng of Pharping Higher Secondary School has not only improved her academic performance, but is now also very confident in speaking in front of an audience. The teachers of Pharping Higher Secondary School appreciated our visit and asked us to continue with our regular visits as it helps their students.


Foundation Mentors (Didis) checking in with scholars

Similarly, the teachers of Arunodaya Higher Secondary School suggested adding additional awareness programs to our regular activities. We will try to incorporate these ideas with our mentoring and health & wellness programs.While interacting with foundation scholars, they let us know that the text copies provided to them were not sufficient. They also made us realize that we needed to provide some more school items like calculators. We will be able to use this information to provide the students with everything they need to be successful in school.

Rashmita Meeting Rajesh Shrestha Vice Principal of Pharping Higher Secondary School

Rashmita Meeting Rajesh Shrestha Vice Principal of Pharping Higher Secondary School

Visit Team: Pramila Gajmer and Rasmita K.C.
Date of Visit: 26th Aug 2014 and 27th Aug 2014
Report Prepared by: Shantosh Thapa

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