Whenever topics of an organizational evaluation or audit come up, general reactions such as “oh no, it is that time again,” “what do they want now” are all too common. But, in the Rukmini Foundation, we view these external evaluations as opportunities to test our belief that we are an efficient, transparent and effective organization. This blog describes the latest evaluation of the Foundation by several agencies (local and federal) in Nepal.

Foundation Leaders (left to right): Mr. Kedar Nath Acharya, Ms. Usha Adhikari and Mr. Shashi Sharma

Background on Evaluating Agency

Nepal is undergoing tremendous changes with the new form of a federal system of government where local districts have some autonomy. One of the functions of these local districts is to audit and evaluate nonprofit organizations like Rukmini Foundation.  As part of this effort, earlier this year, the Local Municipality observed the foundation’s scholar selection process, and they were satisfied with the strategy and execution of this process. More recently, the Nepal Government’s Social Welfare Council (SWC) came to evaluate our Foundation and visited all our partner schools.

Ms Indira Lamsal from SWC with Kalidei LitClub mentor, Shrijana Bhujel

Rukmini Evaluation Process

The SWC’s evaluation process included interviews, site visits and observations. SWC interviewed the Principals of our partner schools, LitClub mentors and Rukmini scholars. The Principals were asked about the foundation and its impact on schools. Mr. Rajan Adhikari explained how the students from that community are benefiting through meal program, health checkups and LitClubs for the girls. He described the positive impact on students.

SWC Team member Ms. Indira Lamsal observing day meal program at Kalidevi School.

LitClub mentors were also interviewed by the team separately. In addition to the interviews, SWC also visited Kalidevi Basic School and observed our day meal program. Rukmini Prathistan (our sister organization in Nepal) Director Mr. Shashi Sharma and Foundation staff accompanied the team during their visits.  According to the field report from Nepal, all the teachers, mentors and students, whom they interviewed had positive things to say about the Foundation and its programs.

SWC Officials visited the Rukmini Floor of Shikharapur School, which was rebuilt with the support of so many Foundation Supporters worldwide.


Rukmini foundation takes pride in being a transparent, efficient and effective organization. We don’t aspire to have these evaluating organizations just give us a pat on our backs, but rather provide meaningful feedback that we can use to better empower girls through education. We also believe that it is an opportunity for our government organizations to learn our best practices and use that to deliver quality programs through government-run institutions. In other words, we hope that they copy our success and spread the empowerment.

About Arun Aryal

An assistant professor of Management Information Systems at California State University Los Angeles (CSULA), Arun teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on Information Systems and Analytics. Prior to CSULA, he worked as a Teaching Fellow for Georgia State University (GSU) where he was part of the team that designed GSU’s enterprise systems concentrations within the computer information systems major. He is the recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award (2014 & 2015) and his research focuses on the intersection of emerging technologies, analytics, and enterprise systems. He earned a Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems from Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University and has worked in the IT industry for about seven years prior to entering the academic world. For the foundation, Arun provides guidance on how to make the best use of technology to solve problems in developing countries, and also lends his teaching philosophies and ideals as we look to innovate around education for students in rural areas of Nepal.
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