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We hope the new year has gotten off to a great start for you. We at the Rukmini Foundation are busy preparing for an exciting year ahead. In just a few months, these 10 girls will begin their school year and a journey towards empowerment. We wanted to provide you with a few updates about what is going on with our foundation and give you a heads up on some of the activities coming up.

Happy Movie Screening Event at ASC:

World Happy Day on February 11, 2012We are excited to announce that A School for Community (ASC) will be hosting a screening of the documentary HAPPY on World Happy Day (February 11). This documentary, created by Academy Award Nominated Director Roko Belic, explores the mystery of happiness and how it affects our lives. We are hosting this event as a way to spread the notion of positivity and happiness to our students, their families and school staff. We hope that this will be an educational and inspirational event. To learn more about this worldwide event, check out the World Happy Day Site.

Rukmini Foundation CEO to be panelist on Entrepreneurial Thursdays:

Entrepreneurial Thursdays - Jazz & NetworkingCreated by Jessica Lee, a successful entrepreneur and musician, Entrepreneurial Thursdays promotes live music in downtown Pittsburgh and assists the entrepreneurial networking of the region with funding and partnering opportunities. The event on February 16 focuses on International Entrepreneurship and Jessica has asked Bibhuti Aryal, Rukmini Foundation CEO, to take part as one of the panelists. This event will be a great opportunity to promote the great works that Rukmini Foundation has planned, and we hope to meet and greet with innovators and do-gooders from the Pittsburgh area in order raise our profile and hopefully some funds for our efforts. If you are located close to Pittsburgh, you should seriously consider coming down for this fun event. Starts at 6:00 PM on Feb. 16, 2012 at Little E’s Jazz Club 949 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15223.

Rukmini Foundation featured:

Stormy Sweitzer - Social Enterprise Consultant/CoachStormy Sweitzer, a social impact strategist and entrepreneurial mentor, and a friend of the foundation, is going to be publishing a series of articles on the challenges of starting a nonprofit by using Rukmini Foundation as a case study. Stormy has graciously given us column inches on her website and has also provided valuable insight to aspiring organizations like Rukmini Foundation. Please take the time to read her write-up on our foundation and also check out her many relevant and interesting posts related to social enterprise entrepreneurship. Many thanks Stormy.

Fundraising efforts underway:

We have targeted to raise $15,000 in order to support our core programs for this year. $3,000 of this will go towards tuition and necessary educational materials for the 10 girls of this program. The remaining funds will go towards our physical wellness and mentoring programs as well as our efforts to improve the quality of the education for the entire school. We would like to express our gratitude for the generosity of donors who have already made contributions towards this effort. We look to continue to educate the public and seek further support to implement all of our programs. We have currently raised $2,000 and we look to our supporters for help in reaching our goals. Please visit our website to find out how.

Our first YouTube video uploaded:

As part of our advocacy work, we have been working on creating videos to show the challenges that underprivileged girls in Nepal face. We are proud to say that our first effort has been published via YouTube. This video discusses some of the issues we are attempting to tackle and how our foundation approaches these problems. If you have a few minutes to spare, please take a look. It will only take 3 minutes … then you can go back to videos of singing cats :-).

Read our latest blog post:

The high costs of free education in government schools of Nepal

There is little or no disagreement on the fact that education is a basic human right, which everyone is entitled to. Similarly, providing education to its citizens is also a basic responsibility of a state..Continue reading →

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