Eight Rukmini Scholars recently took the SLC Examinations

Eight Rukmini Scholars Take the Big Exam

As you may have read from our previous emails and posts on Social Media, 8 of our scholars recently took the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examinations. SLC is the National level Board Exam and passing this exam is the only path towards higher education.  A passing score is also the minimum requirement for any kind of government and most private employment opportunities.

SLC is the only path towards higher education and most employment opportunities

SLC exams consist of seven subjects: Nepali, English, Science, Mathematics, Calculus (or Economics as an optional subject), Health Population and Environment, and Computer Basics. Each subject has a maximum of 100 full marks. On average, if you score 60 or above (Total marks of 420), it is considered to be a good SLC score.

On average, 60% is considered a good passing score

There is a great sense of achievement in passing the test and consequently a great sense of disappointment associated with failing the exam. On average, only 40% of the test takers pass the examinations, so there is a real fear and nervousness for test takers, Even though we do not have specific data on what percentage of girls pass this test, you can imagine that it is lower than 40%.

Only 40% of all test takers pass the SLC exams

It gives us great pleasure to report that all our Rukmini Foundation scholars passed the SLC exams, and with flying colors as well. Six of our scholars (Dikshya, Puja, Sandhya, Sarathi,  Sujata,  and Susmita) all scored well over 70 percent, while Junu Mangrati and Rabina Shrestha averaged more than 80 percent. This is truly a remarkable achievement for our scholars, their families, and the mentors and teachers who have worked tirelessly with them.

All 8 scholars passed, 6 scoring over 70% and 2 scoring over 80%

We wanted to share this news with you, our supporters, not only to spread the happiness we at the foundation are feeling, but also to thank you for making this type of news possible.  Your support, whether through donations, participation in events, volunteering efforts, or simply advocating alongside us has made this possible. Thank you (Dhanyabaad)!!

Thank you to our donors and supporters who made this amazing achievement possible

2014 Graduates

Junu Mangrati

Junu Mangrati

Junu wants to become a nurse someday, and with her excellent SLC examinations result, which was one of the best from her school, she has proven that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to.

Read bit more about Junu in her profile page.

Rabina Shrestha enjoying snacks during a Didi program

Rabina Shrestha

Rabina is also interested in medicine as she wants to become a doctor someday. Now that she has successfully completed the SLC examinations, she will be eligible for higher studies, which could lead her to study medicine. If her academic achievements and SLC scores are anything to go by, she will make a great doctor.

Read bit more about Rabina in her profile page.

Dikshya taking an exam

Dikshya Thapa Magar

Dikshya has always had a different way of thinking. While other scholars were thinking of becoming teachers, nurses, and doctors to help their community, Dikshya wanted to get into Accounting so that she could one day work in a bank to help businesses in the community. Now that she is a graduate, Dikshya has a much better chance of making this happen.

Read a bit more about Dikshya in her profile page.

What happens when girls get educated

Puja Pudasaini

Puja has not decided what she wants to be when she grows up, she has expressed an interest in becoming a nurse. Having passed SLC and becoming a graduate she has more options to choose from.

Read a bit more about Puja in her profile page.

What happens when girls get educated

Sandhya Ghimire

Sandhya comes from a big family, and with limited income was in great danger of missing out on school. With the foundation’s support and her hard work, she has realized one of her goals of graduating from high school, and she can now pursue her goal of wanting to become a nurse or a doctor.

Read a bit more about Sandhya in her profile page.

What happens when girls get educated

Sarathi Thapa

Sarathi has had to not only struggle to remain in school, but due to her difficulties hearing, she has faced more challenges than most of her fellow scholars. Sarathi has never let these challenges keep her from participating in school activities and learning as much as she can. We are confident that Sarathi will continue to defy odds and become a role model for other girls to follow.

Read a bit more about Sarathi in her profile page.

What happens when girls get educated

Sujata Mahat

Sujata was inspired by a relative who has helped her village by providing medical care to people in need. She wants to grow up and be able to do the same for her community. As a SLC graduate, she now has the ability to pursue higher education and someday become a nurse or a doctor who can take care of her family and community.

Read a bit more about Sujata in her profile page.

What happens when girls get educated

Susmita Sunar

Susmita, like other scholars comes from a family of humble means, but despite that she has kept her focus on one day becoming an English teacher. Doing well in the SLCs and graduating is only her first step towards that goal.

Read a bit more about Susmita in her profile page.

2013 Graduates

What happens when girls get educated

Deepika Shrestha

Deepika joined us at a tough time for her and her family. She had lost her father and the family was facing a lot of economic hardships. Despite those challenges, her mother wanted to keep her in school and Deepika wanted to graduate. Through hard work and extra studies for the SLC exams, Deepika was able to graduate.

Read a bit more about Deepika in her profile page.

What happens when girls get educated

Anita Balami

Even though Anita only spent a year with the foundation, she came to us when she was facing many hardships. She had lost both parents and due to her age she was being pressured by some family members to get married. Despite these challenges, she wanted to study, and we were glad to help. Through support from mentors and teachers, Anita was able to pass the SLC exams and is now continuing higher education at Pharping Higher Secondary School. She is also hoping to continue onto college. Truly a courageous girl.

Read Anita’s success story here.

Certificate Ceremony for Rukmini Scholars

We are so very excited to be able to organize a small graduation ceremony for the Rukmini Scholars. To make this already special program even more special is that we have a very special guest, Ms. Pushpa Basnet, CNN Hero of the Year 2012 who will be presenting certificates to the girls. We are very honored to have her join us on this auspicious occasion.

About Nabin Aryal

Dr. Nabin Aryal led the foundation’s work in Nepal from the inception till April 2015. He is now serving as a special adviser from his new home in Myanmar where he works with the US and Nepal Teams to provide strategic guidance for the foundation. He received a PhD in Economics from Hitotsubashi University and has been managing NGO programs in underdeveloped areas in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka and has extensive experience in grassroots development efforts.
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