Currently, one of the most important issue in the world is about conserving the environment and the need for a sustainable world. Realizing this concept Litclub Shikharapur engaged with a local social initiative called Unique Campaign. The Unique Campaign works to recycle waste products into useful things. The girls from LitClub Shrikharapur along with their Coordinator Ms. Manisha spent a couple of weeks to convert waste into incredible product such as papers cards and handicrafts.

LitClub Shikharapur Taking Part in Unique Campaign

The girls were excited to take part in this initiative

Girls of LitClub Shikharapur Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery

The girls taking a break and enjoying the beautiful scenery

Using wasted paper, cardboard and other materials to create artwork

The group is busy at work and really enjoying it

The campaign looks very exciting where girls are very excited and putting their best effort to bring out their creativity using paper cardboard and the bamboo sticks. These girls are not only preserving the environment, but at the same time they are building a good bond with each other through great team work. They are also making time to enjoy nature and take snapshots during their free time.

The girls display their work

We will bring you monthly updates of what is going on with our LitClubs each month. Hope you enjoyed this update :o)

Prakriti Nepal
Rukmini Foundation Didi & LitClub Liaison

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