On Wednesday, March 4, members of the Office of the Deputy Superintendent participated in a service learning project for World Read Aloud Day, an international holiday to motivate children, teens, and adults worldwide to celebrate the power of words. Approximately 30 “readers” shared their favorite stories with students across the District, and donated the book they read to the school library.

One PPS employee described her World Read Aloud Day experience at Pittsburgh Whittier below: It was a really fun experience – the students visibly enjoyed it and it worked out perfectly deciding which book to give each room.

The best part for me was hearing the laugh and having some of them ask me to “Read it again”! In one classroom, because so many of them wanted me to read one of the books again, I did. This time, they read along with me! They were so happy to hear I was giving them that book so their teacher could read it again another time.

Allyce Pinchback
Board Member, Rukmini Foundation

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