Jonisha Close UpJonisha graduated from Pharping Higher Secondary School in 2015 and began grade 11 in July to study commerce. From a family of six, she is the second child and lives with her father, brother, and grandparents. She enjoys listening to music and socializing with friends.

Behind this successful scholar is a supportive family. Jonisha’s mother, Ganga, was unable to go to school because her family of eight could not support her education, so she was married at the age of 15. Despite her lack of schooling, Ganga is literate and can write simple Nepali. She currently has a small grocery store that Jonisha helps in during her free time by maintaining business records. Much of their family income is acquired through her husband’s furniture business.

Jonisha’s mother, Ganga Balami      
Parents of our scholars Jonisha and Smriti visit Bottle house Medical Clinic

Despite both parents working, the family of six struggles financially, so with the support of Rukmini Foundation, Jonisha is still able to continue her schooling. Jonisha’s brother is also in school and both children would be unable to receive an education without the Rukmini scholarship program’s support. Due to the fact that they have less income, their first son cannot attend the college he really wants to; same with Jonisha. However, Jonisha has great maturity and expressed that she does not have any expectations to go to a specific college. She understands her family’s financial status so is willing to sacrifice her desires for what is best for the family. She frankly stated that if she chose a school in Kathmandu for grade 11, it would’ve cost more to attend as well as the extra expense for the bus fare and afternoon tiffin. Jonisha was humbly aware that her family could not afford it so is attending the same school she went to through grade 10. She hopes to study hotel management as she knows she can secure a job easily. Jonisha would also be able to travel abroad with hotel management if the opportunity presented itself. Taking a hotel management course now, she hopes to pursue a degree in it after grade 12.

Unfortunately, the devastating earthquake cracked her family’s house so they needed to take out a loan of 50,000 NRs. They are appreciative of the immediate support Rukmini Foundation gave them in order to cope with the damage and the few months after the earthquake that were hard financially trying to fix their house.

Cracks of Jonisha's house

Cracks in their house from the Mercalli Scale IX earthquake on April 25, 2015

Rukmini Foundation has made a significant impact on Jonisha and her family and Ganga is very hopeful that the support will continue throughout Jonisha’s educational path. Yet, Ganga is not complacent with just receiving scholarship money and is supporting the idea of Jonisha getting her own job to save for the future.

Jonisha and Ganga clearly expressed unconditional hope and aspiration for Jonisha’s success. Although Rukmini Foundation has financially supported them, their determination has been key in Jonisha’s accomplishments.

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