From early July to early October, a Project Based Learning (PBL) program was created for students at Shikharapur Community School to learn about and practice their skills in hosting programs (radio, tv, stage, etc). With the help of Rukmini Foundation, A School for Community, Mr. Pradeep Shrestha, and other students, Mr. Amit Lama coordinated this wonderful program for 90 students in classes 6 & 7. It was a great opportunity for students to work together and find their inner confidence.

PBL Programming - Team A

Team A pose for the camera with their certificate of excellence

In the beginning, many students were shy and timid, but still had much excitement for what was yet to come. During the first two weeks, students were put into groups and talked about their previous experiences or knowledge of script writing and giving presentations. Amit Lama emphasized the importance of thinking about what they were to perform and how to do it effectively. By considering this ahead of time, it would stimulate the necessary creativity and deliberation for this project. Students were instructed on some techniques in writing a script and giving a performance. Using this knowledge, students began to work in groups. Within the next few months, tremendous efforts and improvements were seen and the groups continuously wrote scripts, planned, and then presented in front of an audience. Each time, the groups demonstrated competitive focus by trying to make themselves better. Groups were assessed based on the quality of their script, a clear, bold speaking voice, eye contact, preparedness, and being able to handle the stress of being in front of a large crowd. The performances were becoming increasingly creative and thoughtful.

PBL Programming - Team B

Group pictures  Team B as they smile for the camera

After a month of these practices, a final show was performed on October 8th. The students were split up into two groups and were expected to construct a program completely independent of any help from others. They chose a coordinator and divided tasks among group members, hoping to outdo the other group. With this preparation for the finale of this program, Amit Lama realized that the students grew in more ways than just their ability to plan and host a performance. They became more confident and outspoken individuals. When speaking, they were clearer and unafraid of crowds. No longer were these students shy and timid; they were assertive and able to approach others with self-assurance. It was wonderful to discover what amazing performances the students could come up with, and more amazing to see them seeing their own light brighten within themselves

Team A beginning final show off

Team A beginning the final show with a welcome to the audience

Teachers' Day Ceremony Enactment

Team A does a Teachers’ Day Ceremony enactment, giving tikka (respect) to teachers

PBL Hosts Welcome

Team B hosts and welcomes everyone to their program


PBL Cake Cutting Ceremony

Cake cutting ceremony with Team B

PBL Farewell Song

A farewell song is performed – a perfect ending to a great program



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