“A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.”   – Barack Obama

Year by year, our foundation is growing. She is still a young girl herself, but she is developing to empower girls and daring them to dream big. As Rukmini turned 4 years old on October 11, 2015, the team celebrated the joy of a foundation that has become an inspiration to many in Pharping, Nepal. Rukmini Foundation is a ray of hope for girls who live in the most under-served communities in this region Nepal. To highlight the anniversary of Rukmini Foundation, an event was organized where a total of 150 guests, including the chief and special guests were in attendance. Professor Susan Acharya, who has done great work in mobilizing women’s education, was invited to be the chief guest as her work involves great efforts such as making education more accessible to women and taking the initiative to take non formal education into mainstream. Similarly, principals of our 5 partner schools, Fr. Arulanandam S.J., the former head of Social Work in St. Xavier’s College and dignities of Pharping were called as specials guests for the program. Our Program Manager, Mrs. Bandana Aryal, Program Officer – Mr. Niroj Shrestha and other staff of Rukmini Foundation were the facilitators of the program.   

Chief guest Susan Acharya taking the honour

Dr. Susan Acharya (middle) thanks the foundation and the audience for having her at the event. She is sat between Sir. Grivan Aryal (left) and Regional Director Shashi Sharma (right).

As the celebration began, ex-scholars of Rukmini Foundation, Sushmita, Pooja and Sandhya ushered the guests in and welcomed everyone to the event. The event was filled with inspirational words, amazing dances and a melodious song. Dr. Acharya thanked the audience for taking part in the celebration. She emphasized how much a girl can achieve when she is empowered. As she is a strong believer in the power of a girl, she hopes that one day Rukmini Foundation will achieve what it has been looking for and provide every girl the opportunity for quality education. With other guests congratulating the foundation on its birthday, it was a delightful moment to share and to experience. The students also enjoyed being part of the celebration. “It felt like it was my own birthday. I face hardship in my life but at the end of a year I celebrate that I have crossed it because of my patience and hope that the next will be better,” our student Deepika Balami commented. 

RF ex-scholar, Sushmita, pooja and Sandhya dancing

Rukmini Foundation’s alumni’s Sushmita, Sandhya and Pooja dance and perform at this special occasion.

Lunch distribution

Rukmini Foundation staff Niroj (right) and Sabina (left) distribute lunch to the attendees at the event.

In my eyes, the foundation is getting stronger and more powerful. It has the power to make a girl stand on her own two feet, the power to make her believe that she is as important as a boy, and the power to make her feel that she is a gift to the world and not a burden. Our foundation is still growing, and like other girls she too may face challenges and obstacles in this journey to empowerment. Many ups and downs could be in her path but the greatest strength the organization has is the girls that it protects. With the success of educating more than 35 girls in the course of four years, the foundation has a bright future ahead and the prospect of changing many more lives. This year, the anniversary celebrated and embraced all the achievements that would have brought a smile upon a girl and her family.

Rukmini’s mission is to change the mindset of the people so that they move from being tolerant to accepting girls for who they are and cherishing them. If we are able to give warmth and compassion to these girls, the vision of Rukmini Foundation will be even more successful. As the foundation celebrates her growth with girls like her, she hopes to be an inspiration to many more souls in the future. 

Happy Birthday, Rukmini … and here is to many more.

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