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Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision. This hard work of all the members of Rukmini Foundation has brought education and awareness among students and women come into possibility. World cancer day which is internationally marked on 4th February every year was observed in Shikharapur Community School on February 13, 2015 in Friday. Medical students form Kathmandu Medical College, Kathmandu took the initiative to make the children and women of Pharping realize about Cancer and its effects in life.


The volunteers created these ribbons to show our support of cancer survivors and the fight to end cancer

The program started at 11:00 A.M. in Shikharapur School. Classes 8 and 9 were the active listeners and learners for the program. Followed by a group of women from the Pharping area, staff from Shikharapur School and Bottle house also took part in the program. The program was initially proposed by the staff of Rukmini Foundation and further developed by the trainees of St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu. 150 emblems were prepared by the students which were further distributed to all the observant.


Arya and Nabin provided the opening remarks about the importance of this day

The program started with a general background of cancer to the students’ before the arrival of the speakers. The children were motivated to speak and ask questions in case of any doubt.  This was done to make the students feel comfortable about the program and to boost their confidence throughout the entire program. Ms. Sadikshya Dhakal, Ms. Samana and their team educated the children about cancer and its effect on human body. Not only physical but effects of cancer in mental health were also focused. They made sure to make the children understand that cancer just not causes trouble in the immune system but also creates low self-esteem in the patients.


It was very surprising to see that children of Shikharapur were very inquisitive to learn about the cancer. Shekhar Pudasaini tells the audience how fortunate he is to attend such programs.  Kriti, grade 8, expressed her joy of learning something new about cancer. She got to know that the day is even marked worldwide and assures to educate her family about cancer.


Women from day care and school participated in breast examination classes for their satisfaction. It was observed that women, very few in numbers gathered for such effective awareness. This shows that the level of self-help is very less within them. Rests, all were actively involved in the event. People should understand that awareness is like the sun, when it shines on things, it is transformed. Motivation and more effective encouragement is needed to bring women into action.


Awareness about anything allows us to get outside of our mind and observe it in action. The first step towards change can always be awareness. Monika Karki proudly thanks Rukmini Foundation for organizing such interesting programs. At last, the children were happy again to be a part of program which made them feel a part of the community.

“I am very proud that Rukmini Foundation has organized this  Workshop. I will aware my friends, family and community that  cancer is not beyond us” – Monika Karki

I am very proud that Rukmini Foundation has organized this Workshop. I will aware my friends, family and community that cancer is not beyond us” – Monika Karki


Never knew day such as Cancer is also remarked worldwide Thank you Rukmini Foundation. Your attempt to educate one Of me has been successful – Kriti Rayamajhi

There goes again, a huge round of applause to Rukmini Foundation for one more successful program!


Some more pictures of this great event can be found on our Flickr Album.

Here were some frequently asked questions about cancer by the students:

  • How was the name cancer given?
  • Is chemotherapy only the treatment for cancer?
  • What is the main cause for cancer apart from unhealthy lifestyle?

Frequently asked questions about cancer by the women in the community:

  • Is breast cancer communicable from genes to genes?
  • Are they no options rather to cut breast if infected by cancer cells?
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