What does success mean? To me, it is not a function of title but of richness of contribution. Rukmini Foundation’s contributions purely depend on factors such as consciousness to support those in need, willingness to bring plans into action, dedication and understanding that results can only be achieved with a shared responsibility. For three years now, every plan has been coming into action; every dream has become a reality and I can gladly say that the Kalaa (Arts) program is no exception.

On January 14th, students accompanied by their professors gathered at the patio of ASC to attend the first official performance. Who would have thought that the random humming of children would end up with them standing in front of the crowd singing and flowing with the music?!

Students perform -Phool ko aankhama-

Girls and boys singing and playing music together.

The program started with Principal’s inspiring words: “Apart from regular classes, extra-curricular activities also play an important role in holistic development”. Education isn’t only about feeding the brain and focusing on academics; art and music feed the heart and soul. The opening song talked about the truth of life, which made everyone reflect upon their deeds and wisdom.

Roji and Sajina entertain the audience

Roji and Sajina entertain the audience with their songs

“Music is something that touches your heart”, says Subhash Tamang, an active learner in the program. The selected students now are more connected to their passion in music, which has boosted their sensitivity and creativity. With an enthusiastic smile and bubbly face, Sajina Dhudhraj proudly acknowledges that her parents have been her bigger supporters when she sings at home. “My parents encouraged me to take music classes but before that my teachers believed that I could be part of it”.


The group really enjoyed this session and are looking for more opportunities

Music is a form of magic that creates a powerful emotional connection that we are all touched by. The scholars are now looking forward to more performances, to continue to develop their skill and talent. Thank you for making music part of our daily lives!

Associate Program Officer

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