Post by: Shruthi Shankar
Field Report by: Prakriti Nepal

Following the tremendous success of last year’s LitCamp, LitClub Nepal and Rukmini Foundation is proud to host our second LitCamp from August 18th through 20th, a three day long extravaganza at Shikharapur Community School in Pharping, Nepal. Close to a hundred girls…yes a 100…are expected to participate in the program. The program has many goals, but particularly focusing on helping to build the networking and leadership skills of the LitClub members.

community bulding game- I whisper you know

Girls sharing stories with one another in a bonding session in last year’s LitCamp

The camp will also offer the girls an opportunity to share their unique stories and experiences through various mediums, including writing workshops and artistic projects. Each day of LitCamp 2016 focuses on a different initiative- days 1 and 2 will focus on helping the girls boost their reading and writing skills, while the last day will be an art workshop, where the girls will have the opportunity to share their life stories by making life paths and self-reflection boxes.

Litclub of Bhaktapur(in blue) sharing gifts with Litclub of Sikharapur(in yellow)

LitClub Bhaktapur and LitClub Shikarapur share greeting cards with each other during LitClub 2015

Furthermore, LitClub Nepal also hopes to have greater community involvement in LitCamp 2016, and is inviting parents, teachers, and mentors to attend the workshops and hear the girls’ stories. Throughout the event, LitWorld and Rukmini Foundation hope to foster good communication and team-building skills among our students, and allow them to bond with other girls who are similarly interested in reading, learning, and creative expression.

Stay tuned as we bring you another exclusive feature on LitCamp later this month. In the meantime, check out these wonderful pics from last year’s program. We double dog dare you not to smile while looking at those :-).

About Shruthi Shankar

Shruthi is a junior neuroscience major at the University of Pittsburgh, and is pursuing certificates in Global Health and the Conceptual Foundations of Medicine. She is excited to be a part of Rukmini because she is interested in the intersection between women’s health, rights, and education. Throughout the next several years, Shruthi will be supporting Rukmini’s various community events, as well as raising awareness of South Asian women’s issues within the Pitt campus by coordinating the foundation of a Pitt Rukmini club. Shruthi hopes that her work here helps pave the way so that a girl’s education is no longer seen as a privilege, but as a right.
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