Report by: Niroj Shrestha

It has been 19 years already that Dr. Meera Hada, a renowned Gynecologist, is serving the Pharping Community. One of the main ways is through a Women’s Health Camp. that she leads with the help of Patan Hospital. Dr. Hada’s community work is seen all over Nepal as she also helps grandmothers of Pashupati Old Age Home, Gandhi Ashram, and many other communities where she has seen health challenges among the women.

Dr. Hada addresses the group and presents some data from her report

The inspiration behind her charity work is quite sad. She lost her father due to cancer, but she made this great loss into her strength. During her father’s funeral, she vowed to organize annual health camp in memory of her father. That difficult loss inspired her to work towards saving the lives of women who are vulnerable to cancer and other diseases. Her research has shown that the village women suffer from Gynecological problems because of many preventable things like lack of education on proper personal hygiene, lack of feminine hygiene products, and also habits like smoking.

Foundation mentors providing support to the women visiting the health camp

To give an example of Dr. Hada’s dedication to this program, she visits Pharping every month on her own expense. She bears all of the cost of the annual camp as well. Her main intention is to help as many women as possible and not only does she provide her own time and money, but she also brings her connections like a motivated team from Patan Hospital and other medical institutions to help the patients. During the program, we also organize a formal session to share updates on the progress of camp, the current impact, and future plans. We often have government officials, political party leaders, representative of District Health Office participate in the formal program. Last year, Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Commissioner of National Information Commission was a guest in the program. Dr. Hada provides her summary report about her camp during the program, and helps to highlight the need for more support of girls and women.

Dr. Hada inspires former Rukmini Scholar and current Rukmini Didi, Susmita

Dr. Hada has has had a huge impact in the context of women’s health. Her regular check-ups has helped to decrease disease among the women from this region. Women from this area are more educated about the need for regular check-ups during pregnancy including the need to take precautions during pregnancy and how to address health issues like uterine prolapse, which can have serious effects when untreated. She also helps by providing a referral service for women who have more critical problems. Her campaign of helping women of the Pharping region has helped more than 4,000 women through the annual camps. This year. the camps were organized in Chhaimale, Dakshinkali, Talku Dudechaur, Sheshnarayan and Chalnakhel villages. She has been also organizing a monthly health camp based at Sheshnarayan Health Post located at A School for Community (ASC) premises, a Rukmini Foundation partner.

Dr. Hada was generous with her time, and is a great role model for girls like, Puja, a former Rukmini Scholar and current Rukmini Didi

The foundation’s Regional Director, Shashi Sharma Aryal has been one of the main supporters who has helped Dr. Hada to achieve the level of success through this camp since the beginning. Mr. Aryal not only provides logistical support and promotion, but is also present in the monthly camps. With the establishment of Shikharapur Community Learning Center, the management of these health camps has become the responsibility of the CLC. Therefore, for the last 8 years, the camp has been managed jointly by Shikharapur CLC and Sheshnarayan Health Post. Due to the importance of this health camp, and its focus on serving women, staff of ASC, Shikharapur Campus/ School and Rukmini Foundation were proud to make this camp a huge success. Rukmini Foundation Program Officer, Niroj Shrestha has been directly involved in the quality management of this event for the last 8 years and we are proud to continue our support.

Rukmini Mentors (Sabina (left), Susmita (back), and Pramila (right) proud to help out with the camp and get to know Dr. Hada better

Our mission is to empower girls through education, but supporting girls and women of this region in any way we can is important to us. Our team will continue to promote and support these health camps. Many of the women who get help are mothers, guardians, and sisters of our scholars, and we are so grateful to Dr. Hada for her continued service to the Pharping Community.

About Niroj Shrestha

Niroj has been managing many of the activities of A School for Community (ASC) in Nepal that has been established to not only promote formal education, but also to leverage the experiences and skills of community leaders and members to promote local development. Niroj will bring his local expertise as well as his experience in managing programs at the grassroots level. He seeks to help the foundation to continually improve the delivery of programs while also building the capacity of our Didis and local volunteers.
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