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Earth is the only planet which has suitable environment for the survival of living beings. From the air and water to animals and trees they play a vital role in the survival of living beings. Life on Earth would not be possible without our atmosphere and water.

Our robotics team, Team RukuBot planting a tree for Earth Day

This is why our trees are some of the most important components of our environment. The forest helps in the maintenance of air cycle as it absorbs carbon dioxide and produces Oxygen. Similarly, it has a great contribution in controlling global warming as it absorbs the major portion of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. The trees in the forest also helps the water cycle because it absorbs the surface water and helps in the natural filtration of water. It also protects us from various natural disasters like flood, landslide, soil erosion, etc. The forest and its trees not only protect us from natural disasters but also from various diseases by providing different types of medicinal herbs, and it also contributes in the promotion of biodiversity as it provide shelter for large verity of animals and birds.

Despite the importance of the forest, people are carelessly clearing the forest for various activities like human settlement, industrial development, etc. In the context of Nepal, people the forests are being destroyed by increasing human settlement, expansion of agricultural land, construction of roads, etc. The need for firewood and furniture also impact the forests.

The uncontrolled deforestation in Nepal as well as many parts of the world has resulted in an increase in air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, etc. The deforestation has also had an impact on global warming. According to the World Bank, forests covered 31.8% of the world in 1990, but has decreased to 30.8% in 2015. In Nepal, it is even worse because forest area covered 30% of total area of Nepal in 1990 and has now been reduced to 25.4% in 2015.

Even though we are part of the Robotics Team, we are conscious about the importance of conservation of our trees in our locality as well as in our country. As a team we planted 30 plants along with other members of our school and community to celebrate World Earth Day.

About Satish Aryal

Satish is a Professional Engineer by trade, but has a lot of experience working with NGOs in Nepal. Satish is lending his expertise in Science / Engineering to mentor the young students who are taking part in the FIRST Global International Robotics Olympics.
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