The Foundation family is very sad to share the passing of Dr. Eliza Bhandari. She is remembered fondly by our scholars and foundation staff for the mentoring program she led around health education in November 2015. For our scholars, seeing a local girl achieve the successes that Eliza did was a true inspiration.

Eliza Didi talking about the importance of healthy habits.

She was not only dedicated to her studies and profession, she was dedicated to serving the community. The Foundation’s Regional Director, Shashi Sharma remembers the time she put in to help the community hospital as an example of her desire to serve the community.

The scholars were not used to seeing local girls that have achieved her levels of success, so they really looked up to her.

Unfortunately, this life of promise ended in a road accident, and the community shares the pain of her family. Even in her short life, she was able to impact so many, especially the girls of the Rukmini Foundation who saw that a girl can grow up to be a Doctor and server her community.

Our thoughts are with her family.

Eliza Didi surrounded by Scholars at Didi Program

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Satish is a Professional Engineer by trade, but has a lot of experience working with NGOs in Nepal. Satish is lending his expertise in Science / Engineering to mentor the young students who are taking part in the FIRST Global International Robotics Olympics.
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