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Recently, Team RUKUBOT held a meeting with parents and guardians of all team members. The main objective of the meeting was to share our feelings regarding the project. All Team RUKUBOT members were present along their parents, team mentor and other caretakers of the team. Team Mentor, Satish Aryal presented the milestones that the team achieved during the journey of this team. Each of the team members also shared their feelings about their involvement with the team. Overall, everyone felt very happy to be a part of Team RUKUBOT.

During our formal study time we were involved with theoretical classes rather than practical classes. After involvement in this team, we have learned lots of hands on skills with different scientific tools, programming languages and robotics too.

Monika Karki

Team Member, Team RukuBot

It is an achievement of a lifetime to be a part of this STEM family. To take part in the First Global Challenge makes us feel happy, we want to leave our footprint in the competition by achieving a remarkable success.
Rubi Balami

Team Member, Team RukuBot

The First Global challenge is not only a competition, it’s team work too. According to the game rules we will be playing the game in a group with other nations, and this shows that it’s teamwork rather than individual challenge. In my formal education, teachers teach us from the front of a classroom and we just take notes, and we don’t have a lot of interactive activities. However, this project has been much more interactive. We also get information and support globally. For example, the classes we have received through Skype by Dr. Sandesh Aryal from the USA on different programming languages and electronics devices shows that if we wish to learn something there are lots of ways to obtain knowledge. It is up to our hard work and eagerness to learn that determines how well we do.
Bipin Maharjan

Team Member, Team RukuBot

I may have average grades in my class, and I don’t belong in the 5 or top 10 students in my class. However, I always love to do practical work rather than theoretical classes. Because of the lack of facilities in my school before, I was not able to do the practical work. Through the involvement of Team RUKUBOT, I do lots of practical work. For example, our team has developed different devices through the use of different theory of science, mathematics and different materials that are available in our local markets. In my school study, I have been able to write basic code to find the largest or smallest number from a set of number, but in this Robotics Club, we have written code with practical use like sensing an obstacle, running a car for certain distance and stopping, developing railroad traffic signal, and more.
Milan Thapamagar

Team Member, Team RukuBot

After sharing the experiences of the team members, the parents were happy and proud of all of the hard work that their children had done. They also encouraged their children to achieve the milestones of the remaining journey. They wish all the best for the whole team and were very thankful to the First Global and Rukmini Foundation for providing this wonderful opportunity to their children. Such positive response from our parents strengthen our energy.

We were happy to hear the positive feedback from our parents.

After discussion, Team Members demonstrate the RUKUBOT in the game field to their parents. Parents are happy with all the achievements that their child have made after involving in RUKUBOT team, Robotics Club, established at Shikharapur Community School.

We did a little demonstration for our parents and guardians.

About Satish Aryal

Satish is a Professional Engineer by trade, but has a lot of experience working with NGOs in Nepal. Satish is lending his expertise in Science / Engineering to mentor the young students who are taking part in the FIRST Global International Robotics Olympics.
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