Our LitClub Nepal family continues to grow, and recently we visited our 2 newest clubs: LitClub Panchakanya and LitClub Shree Krishna. These two clubs are part of Rukmini Foundation’s partnership with schools in more remote parts of where we work. We were very happy to meet with the LitClub members and their mentors, especially after LitCamp 2017 in July.

We got to know our new LitClub members thanks to LitCamp 2017

3 mentors (Susmita, Shreejana Tamang and Pooja) started the program at Panchakanya School with full of excitement. Panchakanya mentor Shrijana Ghising expressed her joy to be able to start such a program in the school. We started the program with the Namaste song, which is our version of the “Hello” song. We continued our session with the “Hello Lady” song and other fun activities. We asked the girls to describe the happiest moment that happened that week. Most of the members said that they enjoyed meeting with their friends after school exams. The girls were very engaged and enjoyed all of the activities. We conducted LitClub activities like singing “Fire in the Mountain” and playing the “Bullfrog” game. The girls got to know these activities in LitCamp, so they really enjoyed it.

Puja Didi leading the Fire in the Mountain song

As part of the program, we had a read aloud session also. We read the book “Bidanta”, which is about friendship .The group talked about the importance of friendship in life. To end the session we sang Good bye song.

LitClub Shree Krishna was just as much fun for everyone.

After our program at Panchakanya School, we arrived at Shree Krishna School still full of excitement. LitClub Mentor, Gita Basnet and all club members were eagerly waiting for this session. Similar to LitClub Panchakanya, we started our program with the “Hello” and “Hello Lady” songs. We played the same games and had as much fun as we did at Panchakanya. The club seemed very happy to have us and happy with this session. They remembered all of the LitClub songs and also remembered names of their new friends from other LitClubs they met during the LitCamp.

Thank you to all of the mentors for this great day of LitClub activities. Thank you to Sabina Didi for taking great pictures.

Rukmini Didi
Puja Pudasaini

Though we were meeting many of the girls for the first time, thy had no hesitation during the interaction.  These girls took part in LitCamp earlier this year and had shared so many things with new friends and they were also familiar with our Didi (mentoring) program. We were a little surprised to see how comfortable they were, but also very happy. This showed us how important the LitCamp event is.
Puja Pudasaini

Didi / Mentor, Rukmini Foundation

About Puja Pudasaini

Puja was one of the first 10 Rukmini Scholars and while completing her 10+2 she began volunteering with Rukmini Foundation during various mentoring and special events. Now she joins as an Associate Didi to not only mentor the younger Rukmini Scholars, but she is also playing a critical role in a new project that we are launching thanks to a grant by Niwano Peace Foundation to address the needs of historically disenfranchised communities in the Pharping region.
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