LitClub Nepal not only introduces young girls to the world of literature, but also presents them with an opportunity to be critical thinkers, team players and leaders through their participation in various events. We also organize various camps and field trips that gives the members of LitClub a chance to interact and bond with each other. This year, to celebrate and introduce the two new LitClubs established this year (2018), we organized a two-day hiking trip between the six LitClubs of Shreekrishna, Panchakanya, Kalidevi, Arunodaya , Setidevi and Shikhapur Schools.

On our way…the group loved hiking together.

For the first hike, we chose to hike to Choukotdevi on the heights of Humanay Village. Three LitClub partners from Panchakanya, Shreekrishna and Kalidevi schools along with LitClub Mentors and Rukmini Didis started on this hike. Our group of 55 (3 LitClub Shreekrishna members, 14 LitClub Panchakanya members, 15 LitClub Kalidevi members, 3 mentors and Rukmini Didis) reached our destination before noon.

At Choukotdevi, we all sang together the ‘hello song’, exchanging greetings amongst each other. With a goal of building connections and forging friendship between girls of different schools, we randomly divided into 5 groups and asked each group to write something together about friendship. The group members talked among themselves about their views on friendship, and together came up with something to share with other group members.

The members of various LitClubs not only talk among themselves about friendship, they also bonded through music and songs they sang together. The students of Kalidevi especially enjoyed singing the ‘Hello Lady song’ for the first time with other LitClub members. They also shared among themselves their experiences with LitClub. The first Friendship Hike ended with former scholar and current Didi, Puja  telling all new and old LitClub members about the club and its various activities. Singing the ‘good-bye’ song, the LitClub members walked towards headed home with new friends.

On the second day of Friendship Hike, LitClub members of Shikharapur, Setidevi, Sokhel and Arunodaya (a new LitClub) participated on a hike to Hattiban Heights. The 47 participants for this hike included 15 LitClub Arunodaya members, 13 LitClub Shikharapur members, 10 LitClub Setidevi members, 3 mentors and Rukmini Didis. After reaching the destination in the morning, the participants started with ‘Namaste Song’ and went to visit the nearby Gumba (Buddhist temple). After a visit to the Gumba, the participants sang the “hello lady song” which everyone enjoyed and everyone introduced themselves. Along with snacks, all the different LitClub members sang, danced and played together as they forged new friendship.

The hike, as the day before ended with the ‘Goodbye’ song before everyone headed home. The field trip was very fruitful to all mentors and students. By undertaking this Friendship Hike between LitClub members from different clubs, we hope to forge friendship between strong independent girls through their shared love of reading. All LitClub members seem very happy by making new friends. This kind of event helps all members and mentors to know about each other’s schools and villages, but more important about each other’s stories.

I feel very glad that I joined LitClub Panchakanya. After joining the club, I found many changes in myself. My confidence level is up and I have learned many new things.

Roshni Rumba

Scholar, Panchakanya School

About Puja Pudasaini

Puja was one of the first 10 Rukmini Scholars and while completing her 10+2 she began volunteering with Rukmini Foundation during various mentoring and special events. Now she joins as an Associate Didi to not only mentor the younger Rukmini Scholars, but she is also playing a critical role in a new project that we are launching thanks to a grant by Niwano Peace Foundation to address the needs of historically disenfranchised communities in the Pharping region.
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