I am from …
– Sabina Bisunke

I am from the place of an ancient warrior, Banasur, who drew the map of my town and named it Shikhapuri.
In one corner of that place, a place of a vibrant culture and color, is my Ihapokhari.

I am from a place where morning arrives with a smile of a Phulchoki mountain,
Sounds of temple bells, hymns at monasteries, and prayers at church,
mixing with my mother’s lovely “wake up” ringing in my ear.

I am from the place where changing seasons brought us different fruits, some sweet, some sour.
We roamed the jungles and field collecting and sharing these fruits with our friends.

I am from a place where our magnificent pond Shshnarayan
Provides irrigation to green fields of crops that turn golden in harvest.

Where we celebrate every, festivals treating our guests like gods
We celebrate planting festivals, harvesting festivals, and many in between.

I am from a place where in childhood we used to sing loudly about the rain
and rising rain water in our front yard.
In reality, it was a song about finding our own identity to be whoever we wanted to be.

I am from where we hurry back home from the school, to get back home
to fire roasted corn, soybean and fried rice, and sharing and fighting with siblings.

Our holidays were spent playing House with friends while making rag dolls till nightfall.
And again, hurrying back home when scolded by our mothers.

I am from a small place that taught me to think and dream big.
Guided me to abandon “Blind faith” to fight for a Change for better tomorrow.


            *Translated from original poem in Nepali

About Sabina Bisunke

Sabina Bisunke is a graduate of Shikharapur Campus and is currently a student at PadmaKanya Campus pursuing a MA in Rural Development. Being a local from Dakshinkali, an area very close to Pharping, she has great understanding of our work in Pharping. She joined Rukmini Foundation as our new Head Mentor (Didi) and is working closely with all Rukmini scholars. Sabina supports the operations of the foundation by helping out with the day to day activities of the Rukmini Foundation and will assist our Program Officers to ensure that the foundation programs are running smoothly and that all scholars are receiving the necessary support to be successful. Sabina also works closely with Foundation Didis and other mentors to provide interesting mentoring programs for the scholars and school students. Sabina is enthusiastic, positive and very active in the community. As a local girl, Sabina is proud to be a role model for other girls and is looking forward to learning as well as mentoring.
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