At Rukmini Foundation, we know that it is not just about providing scholarship for girls. We also focus on improving the quality of education for our sisters and also on helping them improve academically as well as helping them to develop as people. Because many of our Bahinis (younger sisters) come from families and communities where education for girls has not been stressed, many face difficulties during exams. To help some of our scholars who were having a hard time with their classes, we conducted tutoring sessions at two of our partners schools: Pharping Secondary School and Setidevi Secondary School, Talku. We wanted to help them for the upcoming Final Exams, which will be held within the next 2 months.

Around 50 scholars from two schools, grades 8 & 9 participated, and we opened this up to all students, not just our scholars.

The focus of these sessions on were the subjects where the students had most of their challenges: Science, English and Math. Some of our scholars had difficulties in their last terminal exam so they wanted to take advantage of these sessions . The sessions were organized in the mornings at Setidevi School and in the evenings at Pharping School.

Scholar, Sajani works with her friends during tutoring session

As a Didi (mentor), I could see that through these sessions, the Bahinis have started to improve their performance, and they really pay a lot of attention in their studies. Having a tutor who can help immediately if there is a question or they have trouble finding the answers gives them confidence. Being able to ask questions is another thing we have noticed from the students.

Ms. Dipika Karmachara from Pharping Secondary working with students

Our teacher/tutor, Ms. Karmachara was happy that she had enough time to pay attention to each and every one of the students. so that she could give proper guidance.


The students are improving day by day, and I am happy to be able to provide more attention to the students who are having the most trouble.

Dipika Karmachara

Teacher, Pharping Secondary School

The tutors and mentors are helping me to improve my studies, and I am more confident about the upcoming final exams.

Aakriti Mahat

Rukmini Scholar

About Sabina Bisunke

Sabina Bisunke is a graduate of Shikharapur Campus and is currently a student at PadmaKanya Campus pursuing a MA in Rural Development. Being a local from Dakshinkali, an area very close to Pharping, she has great understanding of our work in Pharping. She joined Rukmini Foundation as our new Head Mentor (Didi) and is working closely with all Rukmini scholars. Sabina supports the operations of the foundation by helping out with the day to day activities of the Rukmini Foundation and will assist our Program Officers to ensure that the foundation programs are running smoothly and that all scholars are receiving the necessary support to be successful. Sabina also works closely with Foundation Didis and other mentors to provide interesting mentoring programs for the scholars and school students. Sabina is enthusiastic, positive and very active in the community. As a local girl, Sabina is proud to be a role model for other girls and is looking forward to learning as well as mentoring.
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