In Nepal, Father’s Day is celebrated every year on a New Moon sometime around July and August. On this day, people honor their fathers living and dead. In recent years, this day is observed more as a  festival to express thanks to fathers for their unconditional love and affection. People show their appreciation for not just fathers but father figure like step-fathers, fathers-in-law, grandfathers, great-grandfathers and even other male relatives. Historically, this day is also known as: “Buba ko Mukh Herne Din”, which is translated to “day to look upon your father’s face”. To celebrate, people visit their fathers and also give gifts, such as clothing, sweets and delicious foods.  A father plays a vital role, not only because they are often the only breadwinner in the family, but also in the emotional well-being of the children.  This is a day to celebrate and honor the fathers who take care of us, guide us and help us to become successful in every step of our lives.

Seeing fathers smile like this made all of the scholars and the foundation staff and volunteers very happy.

On August 21, 2017, Rukmini Foundation celebrated Father’s Day in three of our partner schools – Shikharapur Community School, Shree Krishna Secondary School and Shree Setidevi Secondary School Sokhel. We did this to avoid a long travel for other schools to get to one location. The scholars and the parents located in the Pharping valley were invited to Shikharapur School while those closest to Panchakanya Secondary School and Shree Krishna Secondary school were invited to Shree Krishna Secondary School. Likewise the students and parents from Bhanjyang and Bansbari villages were invited to Setidevi Secondary School.

Program at Shikharapur Community School

Early at 8: 30 A.M.,all of the Rukmini Scholars from Arunodaya Secondary School, Setidevi Secondary School Talku, Shikharapur Community School and Pharping Secondary School along with and parents, especially Fathers were gathered at Shikharapur School’s LitLibrary. In total, 34 Bahinis, Rukmini Staff and parents of our scholars attended the program. Senior Didi, Pramila Gajmer welcomed all at the opening of  the formal program. Among all participants, grandfather of Manisha Tamang, who was the senior father in attendance, cut the cake and fed his granddaughter. Similarly, Manisha also fed the cake to her grandfather. All participants were given a chance to feed cake to their fathers and father figures as they wished them a very HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. The function was very short but the message provides of the important of the day was not short. All of the participants seemed very happy and enjoyed.

I’m very happy to become a part of this program because my father always makes me happy, but today I was able to make him happy.

Sajani Subedi

Scholar, Shikharapur School

Celebrating at Shree Krishna Secondary School

We also celebrated the program at Shree Krishna Secondary School. The students and parents from Panchakanya Secondary School and Shree Krishna Secondary School were gathered at Shree Krishna Secondary School. In total, 40 participants including Rukmini Scholars, and LitClub members along with their parents (fathers as well as mothers), school teachers, LitClub Mentors and Rukmini Foundation Team (Niroj Shrestha, Satish Aryal and Sabina Bisunke) were present at the celebration. Program Officer, Mr. Niroj Shrestha and Principal of Shree Krishna Secondary School, Mr. Amrit Man Shrestha formally started the program and gave a speech about the importance of the day’s celebration.

The message was that we do not need any special occasion to respect and honor our fathers. Similar to our program at Shikharapur, we gave honor of cutting the cake to the elder father, Rukmini Scholar Anita Waiba’s father, Mr Indra Bahadur Waiba. Anita Waiba then fed him a piece of cake. All scholars got the chance to do the same for their fathers. For the closing remarks, Mr. Amrit Man Shrestha thanked the foundation for organizing such program at their school. Everyone was happy about how the program was conducted.


This is my first cake that I have ever cut in my life, and I want to thank the foundation for providing such opportunities for my daughter and me.

Indra Bahadur Waiba

Father of Anita

I feel very happy to be able to feed cake to my father in front of my schoolmates and other people. He is the biggest role model in my life.

Pramila Waiba


The observance of Father’s Day made the fathers feel that their contributions are acknowledged in the society and also by their children. They felt proud of themselves! By celebrating Father’s Day, the children in the program also felt closer to their fathers. This program helped the daughters appreciate the selfless care and protection provided by their fathers, but it also showed the fathers how much education means for their daughters. It was great for everyone.

The message in the cake reads: ‘Buba mero jiwan data, bhabishya nirmata.’ The meaning of the message can be translated as: ‘Father – my lifegiver, my future builder.’ This message was prepared by a father figure to the foundation, Mr. Kedar Nath Acharya.

We were so happy to be able to celebrate this day, and even more because we were able to do it in 3 different schools. Happy Father’s Day to fathers and father figures everywhere for your support, especially of your daughters’ education.

Sabina Bisunke
Didi, Rukmini Foundation

About Sabina Bisunke

Sabina Bisunke is a graduate of Shikharapur Campus and is currently a student at PadmaKanya Campus pursuing a MA in Rural Development. Being a local from Dakshinkali, an area very close to Pharping, she has great understanding of our work in Pharping. She joined Rukmini Foundation as our new Head Mentor (Didi) and is working closely with all Rukmini scholars. Sabina supports the operations of the foundation by helping out with the day to day activities of the Rukmini Foundation and will assist our Program Officers to ensure that the foundation programs are running smoothly and that all scholars are receiving the necessary support to be successful. Sabina also works closely with Foundation Didis and other mentors to provide interesting mentoring programs for the scholars and school students. Sabina is enthusiastic, positive and very active in the community. As a local girl, Sabina is proud to be a role model for other girls and is looking forward to learning as well as mentoring.
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