The new school year starts with us providing new uniforms for the girls that are newly joining the program as well as for girls who are in need of new uniforms. This year is extra special for us because the women we provided tailoring training to (Yog Mahila Samuha) are making the uniforms for our Bahinis. This virtuous cycle makes us feel proud because the team we provided training to has a viable business providing uniforms to the girls of Rukmini Foundation.

We organized an event where the first half of the day was dedicate to measuring the girls for uniforms and the second half for some mentoring as well as some fun. We were so happy to see how comfortable our Bahinis were with Karuna Jee and her team while taking dress measurements.

One of the girls had a special request with her shoes. She asked if she could get a slipper instead of the closed shoes because it was more comfortable for her, and the mentors made sure she had comfortable shoes as well as a well-fitting uniform.

Most of the Bahinis we invited were able to come to the event. Some came with their parents, some with their siblings and some came in a group. Roshani Rumba Didi brought a group of girls from her area. Unfortunately, some could not make it to the event as they were busy with family obligations, but we will make sure that they get fitted and can get their uniforms and other school supplies.

After the measurement session, our team organized some fun activities like playing games and even a brief talent show. Girls were asked to pick a piece of folded paper and most of them were blank. Only 3 were marked. The girls who picked a marked paper had to present their talent. The girls who had the marked paper showed their talent without hesitation.

In fact, many were disappointed not getting the marked paper, which shows that these girls are confident. Some girls danced, some recited poems and some sang a song. Afterwards, lunch was served and everyone enjoyed it.

Lastly, our Technology Officer, Roshani Balami took everyone to the computer lab to show the girls how they can learn and use technology. Most of the girls had not had a chance to touch laptops before, so this was a special experience.

Roshani and the other mentors showed the girls how to turn on the computers and show them basic functions like learning through YouTube videos.

The girls enjoyed the whole day, especially as they got to meet old friends and make new ones . Everyone seemed excited to get new school uniforms, and also getting a chance to use computers for the first time.

Sauravi Khadka, a seventh grade student, said :

“I loved getting a new uniform and new shoes that fit me well. I enjoyed meeting all the other girls from other schools and playing with my friends. Going to the computer lab together with the Didis and learning to use a computer was also fun. I learned that we can do so many things with computers.”

About Sirjana Waiba

Sirjana first joined the foundation as a scholar starting in the 6th grade and became a mentor soon after the SEE examination. Seeing her interest and her abilities, she was hired as an intern at the Foundation and has served the role of a Didi (older sister/mentor) for the past few years. She inspires Bahinis by sharing her personal experiences and the inspiring stories of the Didis of her time. She speaks strongly against child marriage and inspires to be independent. She learned different activities involved in carrying out programs for girls and women empowerment. She is always ready to take on any assignments like field visits, writing reports, helping with office activities, etc. She continues to attend her classes in the morning and works full time at the Foundation. She is working with the G.LO.W. Club as a Girl Ambassador and writing a curriculum to run the Clubs in schools. She is building her capacity to run different programs, which she shares with her Bahinis. She is mentoring the Arunodaya G.L.O.W. club successfully. She is constantly learning new things from Bahinis and takes inspiration from them.
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