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Certain words hold immense power – “Mother” being one of them. It is a word that evokes hope, motivation, and unconditional love. For me, that word carries the name Parbati Rai, my mother. Her journey has been one of struggle and resilience, as she faced countless challenges to provide for me and ensure my education. This is a tribute to my mother, the bravest person I know, the woman who never gave up.

A Challenging Beginning:

At the tender age of seventeen, my mother embraced motherhood and embarked on a path that was far from easy. My father left us when I was merely three months old. My teenage mom had l to navigate the difficulties of single parenthood. Despite her hardships, she shielded me from harm’s way, protecting me from the physical abuse she endured in her second unhappy marriage.

Strength in the Face of Adversity:

Although burdened with financial struggles, my mother never let me go hungry. Sacrificing her own needs, she would willingly forgo a meal to ensure I had the necessary educational materials. Her petite frame belied her indomitable spirit as she tirelessly worked to provide for our family. Despite being a teenager when I was born, she rose above societal criticism. She refused to let it define her or her child.

The Guardian of My Dreams:

While society may have judged me for not having a father figure, my mother stood up for me without hesitation. She shielded me from the scrutiny and defended my worth, teaching me that love and support matter more than societal expectations. Her unwavering belief in my potential is why I find myself at the Rukmini Foundation today, pursuing an education that would otherwise have been out of reach.

A Promise to Fulfill:

Seeing my mother’s unwavering strength and sacrifices, I am filled with an unyielding desire to repay her. I want to ensure her happiness and relieve her of any financial or mental burdens she may carry. My dream is to provide for her and make her wishes come true. I yearn to take her on a long tour, allowing her to explore places she has only ever dreamed of visiting.


My mother’s journey as a single mother has been a testament to her incredible strength and resilience. Despite her challenges, she never wavered in her love and dedication to me. She has shown me that circumstances do not define a person and that one can overcome any obstacle with determination and love. I am forever grateful for her unwavering support and selflessness, and I will strive to make her proud every day.

“Mother” this word gives me hope and motivation. My mother name is Parbati Rai. She is thirty-seven years old. She had me when she was seventeen. And my father left me when I was 3 month old. After some years she had a second marriage but her second marriage was also not happy marriage. She always get beaten without any reason. But she always protect me from getting beaten. She was struggling financially but she never left me hungry. She will not eat but she will buy me my education materials. My mom is the bravest person I know. She is so tiny but she works like she is the strongest person. My mom was a teenager when she had me. She was the girl who want to enjoy her life. But she became a single mother. She was dominate by society for having a baby without father. But my mother never give up. Everyone one criticized me for not having a father but my mom defend me like nothing matters than me. She is the reason I’m here in Rukmini foundation. If she was not brave and hardworking enough I will be uneducated. Maybe I will also became victim of child marriage. So I want to do anything that makes my mom happy. I want my mom to be fully depended on me mentally and financially. I want to make her wishes true. I want to take my mother for a long tour. Because she never get to travel any places properly.

Tamanna Rai

Didi, Rukmini Foundation

About Tamanna Rai

Tamanna’ s parents migrated to Pharping from a remote rural village of Eastern part of the country, where finding work to make a living was difficult. Even more difficult was ensuring their kids’ schooling. Tamanna is grateful for this move as she had a better chance of getting education, and she completed high school and is now attending Shikharapur Community College in Pharping seeking a Bachelors in Business. Tamanna was a little familiar with Rukmini Foundation’s work in the community, but her interest to come and support the work of the Foundation grew when she participated in a self-defense training organized in the summer of 2022. She joins us as an Intern where she is not only learning more about the foundation's programs, but is also helping younger girls as a Didi (mentor). She is involved in home visits, school visits, and assisting in the overall program activities. She has been attending programs and writing reports about them. She is happy to be a part of the team working while continuing her education in the morning. Outside of work, she likes to visit new places, make new friends, listen to music, read books and learn new things. She feels like a natural mentor and is quite at ease talking to younger girls to find out if they are experiencing any problems. Her personality traits will be a great help our Bahinis to have someone, a younger person, to talk to who understands their problems and also cares to help them through it.
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