The Elevate Skills training program has marked a significant milestone in our team’s professional development journey. The headquarters of Elevate Skills is located in the USA, with Mr. Rajesh Trivedi serving as the esteemed President and representative of the organization. Mr. Raj is known for his compassion towards those in need, providing free training to individuals who are most vulnerable or lack resources. Mr. Raj extended his support here as well, recognizing the need for computer / job training in our community. He made the journey from the USA to Nepal to offer his expertise and provide free training sessions tailored specifically for our administrative and finance departments, this program has been instrumental in equipping us with essential skills and knowledge to excel in our respective roles.

Training Schedule and Structure:

Initially, our training sessions were intensive, spanning six days a week to align with the rigorous schedule of Elevate Skills. However, recognizing the importance of work-life balance, we made the decision to adjust our schedule to four days a week, with Fridays dedicated to exams and weekends reserved for relaxation and personal time. This change has allowed us to maintain focus and enthusiasm while ensuring adequate time for assimilating and applying the learned concepts.

Focused Training for Specialized Departments:

The rationale behind dividing the training program into two main groups – the administrative department and the finance department – was to provide targeted training tailored to the unique requirements of each department. For the administrative group, the focus was on equipping participants with the necessary skills for administrative tasks, while the finance group received training specifically tailored to financial tasks. This strategic division ensured that each group received training that directly aligned with their roles and responsibilities, thereby maximizing the effectiveness and relevance of the training program.

Innovative Teaching Methods and Engagement Strategies:

The training sessions were designed to be engaging and interactive, incorporating innovative teaching methods and activities aimed at enhancing participant engagement and knowledge retention. While computer-based training formed the core of our sessions, additional activities such as games and confidence-building exercises were introduced to provide practical insights and boost confidence levels. These activities not only fostered a dynamic and interactive learning environment but also enhanced participants’ understanding and application of the learned concepts.

Continuous Improvement and Feedback Mechanisms:

Throughout the training program, a strong emphasis was placed on continuous improvement and feedback. Regular feedback sessions, facilitated through green paper feedback forms, provided participants with the opportunity to share their thoughts, suggestions, and concerns regarding the training content and delivery. This feedback was invaluable in understanding the evolving needs of the participants and refining the training approach accordingly, ensuring that the program remained relevant and impactful.

Future Collaborations and Vision:

The success of the Elevate Skills training program conducted by Mr. Rajesh Trivedi Sir has sparked discussions about potential future collaborations and initiatives. Inspired by the vision and dedication of Mr. Raj, whose passion for social service initiated this collaboration, we are excited about the possibilities for future projects aimed at making a positive impact in our community and beyond. This collaborative spirit and shared commitment to continuous learning and growth have laid the foundation for ongoing collaboration and partnership, paving the way for further impactful initiatives in the future.


In conclusion, the Elevate Skills training program has been a transformative experience for our team, empowering us with essential skills and knowledge while fostering a culture of collaboration, continuous learning, and growth. From the strategic division of training to innovative teaching methods and feedback mechanisms, every aspect of the program has contributed to our professional development journey. As we look to the future, we are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this transformative experience and excited about the potential for further collaboration and partnership in the pursuit of our shared goals and aspirations. This training program has provided ample opportunities for learning and growth. The credit for bringing this training to fruition goes to Mr. Raj, whose passion for social service led him to initiate this collaboration. Thanks to his efforts. 


About Roshani Balami

As someone who is always excited to experience and try new things, I was very excited to be joining the Rukmini foundation and be a part of its journey. Before joining the team I only knew a little bit about the full scope of the foundation's programs, so when I joined the foundation as the Technology officer, I thought that my job was to handle technical parts like handling web sites, applications and other related IT tasks. However, as I am now getting fully involved and leading a program like our Digital Education & Empowerment Program, to teach girls and women of all levels about technology, I am amazed by the impact of the foundation and its programs, especially with innovative programs like what we do in terms of promoting and teaching technology. Isn’t it the basic goal of technology to uplift society? I certainly believe it is, and the first step is to increase knowledge and interest about technology and then to provide access. If we want our girls to be advanced enough in technology to be future programmers, we need to start at the basic level, and I am proud to be a part of that. While I am loving teaching my younger sisters, I am also excited about teaching women who are doing continuing education as part of our collaboration with a local Open School. In short, I am loving my new experiences and am excited about the journey for the foundation and for myself.
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