Guest Post by: Deepshika Dolphin Sharma

I was first introduced to the Rukmini Foundation when Bibhuti Aryal (the organization’s President) was one of the guest speakers for the World Affairs Council Summer program held at Duquesne University. We had previously watched a documentary called Girl Rising, which was really the starting point of my interest for wanting to help and spread awareness of education for young girls.

Girl Rising

I always knew that education was not accessible to everyone especially girls but it was never really brought to my attention why it was so important and how much there was a lack of it. Being a young woman, an Indian and realizing the education I have already been given and the opportunities I have as I prepare to go to college; I began to think and be heavily concerned not only about the education for girls in my country but in every country. In an article I read in The Huffington Post, Julia Moulden said “When you educate a girl, everything changes.” this quote resonated with me because it brought hope for girls who can often be underestimated because of their circumstances.

After I was made aware and was convinced for the need of education for young girls around the world, I made up my mind that I needed to do my part, but how to take this interest and desire and actually do something about it.  It was in the seminar at Duquesne University that Mr. Aryal was speaking about Rukmini Foundation’s initiatives in Pittsburgh to advocate about the importance of girls education as well as to raise funds to address the issues faced by girls in places like Nepal.  After having my eyes opened about this important topic, it was encouraging to know that all of us in the audience could be a part of the solution.  After that seminar and presentation, I got in contact with the Rukmini Foundation and asked “What can I do to help?”


Who would have thought that scooping ice cream could help promote girls education?

This summer I volunteered at the Dream Cream Ice Cream shop in downtown Pittsburgh to help raise funds to educate girls in Nepal. It was truly an encouraging experience for me to know that a big difference can be made through the smaller efforts that we invest in something we care about. I am very proud to support the Rukmini Foundation and the work they do to help young girls in Nepal not only to receive an education but ultimately accomplish their dreams.

As I continue my school career and my future career in medicine I hope to set an example in my community of a strong and educated individual not only as I grow as a person, but as a woman.

–  Deepshika Dolphin Sharma

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