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The Rukmini Foundation Didi (elder sister) Program held another monthly program on Saturday, April 4, 2015. This was an exciting event for all Rukmini scholars and Didis. Scholars – new and old – were in attendance and recognized. In total, there were 31 scholars, six Didis, and many of the Rukmini Foundation staff and volunteers in attendance. This program was held at Manmohan Hospital in Pharping, Nepal.

scholars photo session

We brought together scholars (new, current, and a couple who graduated)

After scholar introductions, Miss Kalpana Shrestha, a nurse at Manmohan Hospital, conducted an informative reproductive health and hygiene for students. Then, Rashmita Didi shared with scholars some of her experiences with Rukmini Foundation. She let the girls know that they should strive to make the scholarship program more effective. She is an inspiration to our girls as she comes from the same village as some of our scholars and was once a Rukmini scholar herself. She exemplifies how hard work and determination achieve success.

Bandana with DIdi Rasmita

In this event, we were able to introduce our incoming Program Manager, Bandana (front) and also express our thanks and well wishes to Rasmita Didi (in yellow) for her years of hard work for the foundation and the girls

One exciting new development that Niroj Sir revealed is the Rukmini Foundation-sponsored health insurance plan in Manmohan Hospital. This plan falls under the Health & Wellness (Aayush) program and Rukmini Foundation will insure students and their families for a set amount that is yet to be decided.

Kalpana, Staff Nurse of Manmohan Hospital as Didi2

Kalpana Didi shared about her experiences as Staff Nurse at Manmohan Hospital

The final program activity was a goal-setting session led by Bandana Didi and Prakriti. Students were split into groups based on their age range and asked to set at least one short-term goal and one long-term goal.

goal setting group work by scholars

Scholars write down their goals

Deepika Balami, Sajina Dudhraj, Sonu Magar, and Aakriti Mahat presented their groups’ goals. The program concluded with scholars, didis and Rukmini Foundation members eating a delicious meal provided by Rukmini Foundation.

Deepika, our new scholars shares the presentation

Deepika and team present their goals

We had a great time welcoming and getting to know our new scholars, saying hello to our new leader in Bandana, wishing well to our Didi Rasmita, and much more. We look forward to seeing the new scholars achieve their goals and as Didis we are excited to help them get there.

More photos from the event on our Flickr page

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