As part of our recent Didi Program, we wanted to celebrate the recent graduates who not only completed High School, but also passed the national examinations, now known as the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) We gathered 11 of the 12 graduates Library. We had a total of 50 participants for this ceremony, which was divided into 6 parts.

Part I: Welcome & Blessings with Sweets
Part II : Words of Encouragement from Leaders
Part III : Certificate Ceremony
Part IV: Experience Sharing of Graduates and Scholars
Part V: Closing

Part I: Welcome & Blessings with Sweets
Former Scholar and current Mentor, Puja started the informal program by welcoming all the Rukmini Foundation Graduate Scholars, RUKUBOT Team (SEE passed), SEE Graduates mothers, Didis and Dais of RF, Scholars and all other participants for their invaluable time to that program and also briefed about the program. She said that graduates are brimming not only with knowledge, but with compassion and ambition. It’s not the end of education, it’s the start of learning and doing good.

Traditional blessings of sweets for all graduates

Part II: Words of Encouragement from Leaders
Foundation leaders, Mr. Shashi Sharma, Niroj Shrestha and Kedar Nath Aacharya congratulated all of the graduates and reminded them that this is not the end, but rather the beginning of further studies. Through this graduation, they have opened the door to new opportunities. Mr. Shashi Sharma also stressed that the students should find fields they enjoy as they decide what they want to study further. He talked about vocational education, which can create new opportunities for the scholars.

Mr. Sharma addressed the graduates and their mothers as well

Mr. Sharma tried to stress to the scholars the importance of supporting their parents as they graduate because they already have lots of economic hardships. By furthering their education, taking vocational education and other educational paths they will be able to support their parents in the future. He cited an article about a son from a wealthy family who took a job at a baking factory to learn the value of hard work despite having wealth. Despite these scholars not coming from wealth, the idea of hard work, and the need to keep pushing ourselves was sincerely expressed by Mr. Sharma.

Part IV: Experience Sharing of Graduates and Scholars
The graduates and also their parents shared their feelings about graduating and the foundation’s programs, which made all of the mentors and the foundation team very happy.

Sajina shares her feelings about graduating and the foundation’s programs.

If Rukmini Foundation had not supported my studies, I may have dropped out from Shikharapur Community School. From the Project Based Learning classes and Didi Programs, I have developed my ability to speak with others confidently. I would like to thank Rukmini Foundation for all of the academic and extra support it provided me.

Sajina Dudraj

Scholar, Rukmini Foundation

I have graduated due to the support from Rukmini Foundation. I have passed my SEE (national examinations) with a good grade. I can’t imagine where my life will would have gone without this. As a scholar of Rukmini Foundation, I got the chance to participate in different programs like different day celebration, health awareness, Didi programs and more. Among these programs, I always enjoyed the Didi programs the most. Through this program, I have built my confidence level and learned about the importance of doing good for our society. It gives me a positive path to be a role model in the future.

Anjana Poudel

Scholar & Graduate, Rukmini Foundation

Rukmini Foundation has greatly supported my daughter’s education. This is not just the support of my daughter, it also supported us because of all the tuition fees, uniform and other costs we did not have to pay. This support has been important not just for our children, but also the parents.

Mrs. Bisunke

Parent & Guardian, Bimala Bisunke

Part V: Closing
To close this great ceremony. I thanked all of the guests, the Foundation team, volunteers, Scholars, Graduates, their parents and other attendees for their participation. I wished for the graduates to be able to continue their studies and to have a bright future. I hoped that they feel that they had made a great achievement in their life, but to not let it be the end of their studies. It is just the beginning.

Usha Adhikari
Sr. Program Officer
Rukmini Foundation ​​​​​​

About Usha Adhikari

Usha has a leadership role with the foundation and manages the efforts of the Didis, volunteers, and other support staff in Nepal. With a Masters in Sociology and Anthropology and training in Administration and Finance, Usha brings with her a valuable skill in numbers and a unique perspective of society. She is in charge of both the operations and the finance in Nepal, and is responsible for ensuring proper Accounting while dealing with daily operations. Usha also works closely with the Chair of the Nepal Team Committee to ensure that the Board is kept updated on key activities on the ground. Usha’s hard work and her dedication to Rukmini’s mission in empowering girls makes her is a true role model for not just our Rukmini Scholars but our staff and mentors.
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