We hope that you will take some time to review our 2017 annual report. We know that it is a somewhat lengthy document and heavy in terms of filesize, but we also believe that it is packed full of updates that will make you feel good about supporting us. It is also not that hard to read since it is mostly pictures.

Rukmini Foundation Annual Report – 2017

While reading the document may not be too tough, we found this to be a most challenging year for the foundation in ways that we could not imagine at the beginning of the year. The theme of our report is around the long journeys that we took in this year. From bringing a group of girls to New York for the 2nd HerStory Summit and bringing a team to take part in FIRST Global Robotics Challenge in Washington DC, our foundation traveled far indeed. However, the real long journey for us was in reaching out to more remote villages around the areas where we already serve. Even though geographically these villages are not that far, the challenges we saw in these areas showed us that we need to pay more attention here. We saw even higher rates of child marriage and severe cases of malnutrition in schoolchildren. We started the year wanting to reach more remote villages, and when we got there, we realized that we had to focus on these areas if we really wanted to make a difference. We believe that we are starting to see positive changes, but there is much to be done. In the end, we are proud of our journey in 2017, and we look forward to staying on this journey in 2018 along with all of our supporters.

Thank you all for making this journey possible.

Bibhuti Aryal on behalf of the Board, Staff and Volunteers
Rukmini Foundation

About Bibhuti

Born in Nepal, but growing up in the United States, Bibhuti Aryal has received most of his education in the US. He credits the excellent education he received through Pittsburgh Public Schools, Robert Morris University, and Carnegie Mellon University for the opportunities he has received in his life. Bibhuti earned his undergraduate degree in Information Sciences from Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA, USA and then his Master's in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University, also in Pittsburgh. He currently works in the Information Technology field where he has had a variety of roles from Software Developer to Project / Program Manager to Consultant where he has been helping companies and organizations to make the best use of technology to help solve business problems. He has experience in various industries, such as: government, logistics, finance, insurance and engineering. However, he discovered his passion to advocate for equal access to education when he revisited his motherland of Nepal in 2011. For most of the last 9 plus years, Bibhuti has been advocating for quality education for all, especially in his country of Nepal and the communities where he was born into. He is the Co-Founder of Rukmini Foundation, an organization that empowers girls through a holistic program of education, mentoring, and health & wellness. In the US, Bibhuti also serves in his community in various roles including as the Chair of the Governor's Advisory Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs in Pennsylvania where he leads the Commission in advocating for the diverse AAPI communities in the State. Bibhuti is responsible for ensuring that the organization fulfills its mission and achieves the goals set by the board through coordination of efforts of all volunteers of the Rukmini Foundation. Bibhuti brings his years of experience in various industries like: government, construction, finance and technology along with a strong desire to initiate a positive change in the world. Away from work, Bibhuti enjoys time with his family, running, reading and trying to learn new languages.
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