Guest post by Shyam Shrestha (Principal of Shikharapur Community School)

Shikharapur Community School in Pharping, Nepal organized a school health camp on Friday, 31st August 2012 for the students and teachers. A total of 600 students and staff of the school benefited from the health camp. Manamohan Memorial Community Hospital technically supported the camp whereas Rukmini Foundation economically supported all activities of the camp. Sheshnarayan Sub–Health Post provided all of the medicines, pamphlets and booklets needed for the camp. Volunteers from St. Xavier’s College and Rukmini Foundation helped to manage the camp systematically.

The camp started at 10:30 am in the morning and the school staff and volunteers from Rukmini Foundation managed the event. 16 medical persons (2 medical doctors, 1 HA, 4 Staff Nurses, 2 Pharmacists, 3 Lab technicians, 2 dentists, 2 helpers) from the hospital came to the camp and conducted the general checkup, blood grouping and dental checkup. At the registration, the medical persons took measurements like height and weight of the students. To make the students aware about various diseases, we also distributed pamphlets and booklets. After the general checkup from the medical doctors, the students were sent for the dental checkup and blood grouping. Some students were also sent to the pharmacy for medicine. In total, 560 students from nursery to class 10 and 40 teachers and staff received a health check up during this camp.

The volunteers from St. Xavier’s College and the teachers served snacks and lunch for the medical staff while volunteers from Rukmini Foundation handled the registration.

Dental checkups, which are rare for this area were also done.

Based on the checkups, many of the students were found to have some eye and dental problems. It was found that most of students had some problem because of not drinking enough water. Some students that were found to have more serious issues were told to come to the hospital for further treatment.

Besides having a checkup, many Class 9 and 10 students were involved in lab work and these students were able to conduct their own blood grouping. The students learned about the chemical reaction with blood for finding the blood group from the Lab Technician, Mr. Rajesh Shrestha. The students also learned about dental problems like infected teeth. The dentist distributed free toothbrushes to the needy students and even extracted infected teeth from students who were suffering from severe toothache.

Students not only received a checkup, but also learned how some of the lab work is conducted.

Health education materials were also handed out to the students.

For the students and staff of Shikharapur School,  the Health Camp was a grand success. We praise and thank all helping hands for their kindness and cooperation. We are very thankful to all the medical persons of Manamohan Memorial Community Hospital for their technical support. Special thanks also goes to Rukmini Foundation for initiating such a splendid program which was able to make the students and teachers health conscious. The school also appreciates the contribution of Sheshnarayan Sub–Health post for providing medicine, pamphlets and booklets. On behalf of the school family, many thanks to all for making this event a huge success.

Shyam Shrestha
Principal – Shikharapur Community School

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