Sister Organization Helping Rukmini Foundation Through Infancy

Post by: Bryan Briggs

Rukmini Foundation has friends in another young organization in the Pittsburgh area.  Rukmini Foundation (RF) President Bibhuti Aryal co-founded Pittmandu Football Club (PFC)  (soccer as Americans know it) with his brother and a group of fellow Pittsburgh Nepalis in 2006.  The mission of the club was exemplified in the name, a combination of the sporting excellence and ethnic diversity of the city they adopted, PITTsburgh, and the rugged determination and culture of the capital city of the country they emigrated from, KathMANDU.  Where many sporting clubs in Pittsburgh are comprised of lifelong friends and teammates from local neighborhoods, Pittmandu champions diversity, with club members over the years from multiple states across the US and from 5 continents.  This diversity brings unique perspectives, a willingness to invest in a new “Pittsburgh family”, a commitment to this adopted community, and an enthusiasm for extending the values that have brought the individuals together.

Pittmandu champions diversity, with club members over the years from states across the US and 14 countries around the world and counting

The Pittmandu-Rukmini bond starts from the beginning.  In October of 2011 when Bibhuti along with his family took the first major leap in Pittmandu Team Manager Bryan Briggs Volunteers During a RF Charity Eventstarting Rukmini Foundation, PFC members enthusiastically stepped forward to lend a hand.  Carrying out the “community giving” part of PFC’s mission, Steve Rettstadt, Ang “Dawa” Sherpa, Neraz Tuladhar, Gabriel Pacheco, and Bryan Briggs  all regularly volunteer for the young foundation.  Marketing direction, web and media development, financial interaction/oversight, and fundraising planning/implementation are just a few of the services provided by this group. Pittmandu’s diversity is a treasure trove for RF.   The varied backgrounds/ interests/ professions of the club members are the ideal resource for the requirements of the foundation.

Pittmandu-ers regularly volunteer their time and money to further the efforts of Rukmini Foundation.

Pittmandu donated their support through their new jerseysRukmini Foundation values the services provided by the club members.  The PFC members also see potential for better outreach, awareness, and public perception for both organizations.  To help achieve this goal, PFC members have donated funds on behalf of RF for jersey sponsorship/ printing costs for the fall 2012 edition PFC home and away jersey kit. PFC and RF hope this relationship will benefit both organizations, adding to the professional image the club presents, and simultaneously giving some public exposure to the foundation in circles primarily consisting of young professionals who would otherwise be unaware of the foundations’ mission.

To learn more about Pittmandu Football Club, please visit the club website at

– Bryan Briggs
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