One of the many nice things about Niharika Shishu Kunja School is that it is close to a beautiful park that is famous for its twenty-two stone waterspouts.  The name of this park, Baisdhara literally means 22 waterspouts. People from all over Kathmandu and other parts of the country come to see this park. On 27th April, 2013,  our school conducted a ‘Free Water Distribution Program’ on the special occasion of Baisdhara Purnima, a day celebrated each year to mark the inauguration of this park. Hundreds of people visit on this day to celebrate this occasion.  To help beat the summer heat, Niharika Shishu Kunja High School and the girls of LitClub Niharika decided to offer free drinking water to people visiting the park.


With five girls of LitClub Niharika (Anjana, Sadikshya, Deepika, Sailaja and Manisha), I reached Balaju Park at 10 o’clock in the morning. It was a hot summer day so the timing of our arrival seemed perfect for the program. Everything was already set as planned: the tent, chairs, cups and many containers of water. One of the teachers of Niharika, Mr.Yubak Raj Parajuli, was already there to help us with the program.


The girls stood there patiently and happily the entire day offering water to people who were thirsty. Many people appreciated their work and dedication. Some of the older guests even blessed us for our service. The program continued till 5 in the evening. I feel proud to say that the girls and LitClub Niharika as a whole did a really good job on that day. Through this program, they were able to understand the importance of helping others and the feeling of togetherness and joy that public service can provide.


I would like to thank Niharika Shishu Kunja High School for giving us the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful and fruitful community service. Also, I would like to express my pride in the girls of LitClub Niharika for their great work on a hot summer day.

LitClub Niharika Facilitator & Rukmini Foundation Didi

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